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Executive Summary
MARZ Foods, LLC is a manufacturer of 100% all natural seasoned vinegar that is healthy and delicious. The first product we will launch is Joe’s Seasoned Vinegar. The recipe was handed down in the owner’s family for at least four generations, and we are ready to share it with the world. This is the first condiment of its kind and currently it has no competitors. Joe’s has several marketing points. For one, there’s no other product like it. Through the use of a food broker and taste sampling, we are confident our product will be a huge success. Second, the target market is huge. Nearly every person of grocery-purchasing age will have a reason to try Joe’s Seasoned Vinegar. Whether it is a young person that is interested in great tasting zero calorie foods, a parent that would try anything to get their children to eat vegetables, or an elderly person that needs no-salt condiments, Joe’s Seasoned Vinegar is the product of choice! This yields a local target market of over 75,000 and over 110 million nation wide. It is possible that our seasoned vinegar is really good for you! Studies show that apple cider vinegar and garlic, two of Joe’s Seasoned Vinegar’s ingredients, help lower high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, prevent blood clots, prevent cancer, and protect against bacterial and fungal infections. Lastly, the product has an incredible lab-tested shelf life of 24 months. This means there is minimal risk for both the retailer or for MARZ Foods, LLC. The owners/operators of MARZ Foods, LLC are Nicole Martin and Barry Muslow. Barry is in the process of being trained by Johnson & Wales as a chef and has owned and operated several successful entrepreneurial ventures. Nicole has over 8 years in project management experience. Nicole and Barry’s dedication and past experience will ensure sustainable growth for MARZ Foods, LLC’s product line. MARZ Foods, LLC believes we will reach profitability by the end of 2008 and forecasts nearly one million dollars in net profit in just two years. The financials within the plan further reinforce the exciting projected business. 1. Objectives

MARZ Foods, LLC has several objectives that they will achieve within the first three years. The first is an increase in sales reaching over one million dollars by the end of 2009. MARZ Foods, LLC will strive to get gross margins to be above 50%. MARZ Foods, LLC hopes to be selling mass quantities to grocery and wholesale stores through the use of a food broker by the third quarter of 2008. Sales should reach over one million dollars by the end of 2009. 2. Mission

MARZ Foods, LLC’s mission is to provide delicious condiments that are 100% all natural, organic, healthy, and delicious. 3. Keys to Success
• Delivering high quality 100% natural products at an affordable price. • Producing products with a long shelf life.
• Providing service, support, and a better than average margin to our retailers. • Increasing net cash flow to over ten million dollars by the end of 2010. 1. The Company
MARZ Foods, LLC’s mission is to provide delicious condiments that are 100% all natural, organic, healthy, and delicious. The launch product is an old family recipe that tastes amazing and may have medicinal side effects such as being able to help lower high blood pressure (this claim has not been substantiated by any medical professional or group). The immediate goals are to produce and sell our product in the local farmers’ markets and specialty stores, then to incorporate selling of the product at in-state festivals, and eventually expanding to grocery chains and wholesale clubs state and nation wide. MARZ Foods, LLC will continue R&D activities to experiment with new flavors to guarantee the long-term success of the company. 1. Company Ownership

MARZ Foods, LLC is a privately held corporation owned in total by its co-founders, Nicole Martin and Barry...
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