Business Plan for a Gym

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The name of our business is “Get a life fitness center: A family concerned gym.” From the very name, it is evident that ours is a service providing one. Our main action is to provide our members the best fitness facilities within affordable range. For this, we have decided to use high quality equipments. As far as the form of business is concerned, it is a B2C partnership business consisting of five general partners whose names, backgrounds and area of expertise will be described as we move forth. Our service can be described in the following words:

“We are going to form a fitness service providing company which will provide the members with the best fitness facilities with the help of high quality equipments. Our service includes the provisions chiefly for middle aged citizens; however, we are giving the youngsters ample of significance as well. We all know that our country is filled up with a huge number of fitness centers but the underdeveloped condition of these centers fail to provide the services comparing the money they demand. As a result, we have decided to set up such a business which will provide the members with the opportunity to gain and retain good health by taking advantage of our extra facilities. M. In a nut–shell, as our valued customers are the heart of our business, providing them with an expectation-exceeding service is our key aim.

Categorization of our Business:
Our business falls in the following categories:
← General Partnership Business
← Service Providing Business
← B2C Business

Our Services:
We are going to provide the following services:
1) Providing high quality service through our fitness center with cardiovascular

and weight training equipments,

2) Providing the facility of massage by our trained specialist,

3) Providing the service of physical therapy,

4) Providing the service of steam bath. There will be separate sections for male

and female,

5) Providing the facility of childcare center exclusively for our members.


While choosing our targeted market and customers we could not but be pretty much specific and to the point. Our targeted market and customers are as follows: (1)Housewives:
Our focus will be on housewives who are willing to join gym but are unable to do so because of their children. We are attracting them to our fitness center with our free childcare service exclusively for our members.

The students of our age are very health conscious. We have special discount for our members who are students.

Our target is the professionals who are health conscious. We also intend to sign contracts with companies for maintaining physical fitness of their employees.

(4)Middle-class and higher middle-class families: Our another concern is the middle-class and higher middle-class families.

Customer Profile:
The general profiles of our expected customers are given in the following table: |Criteria |Class | |Age |From Teenagers to middle-aged persons | |Sex |Both males and females | |Occupation |All types; especially house wives, service holders etc. | |Economic Condition...
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