Business Plan for a Cd Shop

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Business Plan For A Cd Shop

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Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary Business Opportunity Product/Service Description 2. Company Background Business Description Company History 3. Business Plan For A CD Shop




4. Services


5. The Industry, Competition, and Market Market Definition Primary Competitors Customer Profile 6. Marketing Plan



7. Financial Plan Investment Plan Break-even Analysis Liquidity Plan Earnings Plan Risk Analysis 8. Conclusion



Business Plan For A Cd Shop


1. Executive Summary
The retail industry shows a constant positive demand especially for CDs and music equipment. Compared to other business activities, the retail business has low risks because of low required investments. New forms of cost cutting and store optimization will help to set up a successful business. The return on this kind of retail business has a growth rate of about 5% to 7% per year. A company that provides additional service activities for the customers can be sure to have a high demand and a strong competitive advantage. The goal of this start-up is the operation of a shop for CDs and music equipment with one location that offers a comprehensive range of products and additional services, depending on customer demand. New forms of marketing and distribution will increase sales revenues and utilize personnel capacity. 1.1 Business Opportunity The development of new business strategies and solutions seems critical for industry players to survive the problems in the music industry and regain a market share in this highly competitive industry. The choice of new products, as well as the architecture of the store and additional services, can be one strategy in this development. Additionally, sound cost management is of critical importance for a solid stream of revenues. Big industry players have shown that even in a stagnating market, growth rates of more than 5% can be sustained. The operation of a retail business that offers the following entertainment products and customer services is the core of this start-up: CD DVD electronic games music equipment DVD player A strong focus of this business will be placed on the development of new and innovative strategies for the customers that deliver a significant value. As an add-on, a broad range of service activities will be offered, which will help utilize company and employee capacity. The range of products is selected to provide solid growth potentials. This can lead to a fast change of items or whole item groups, as well as services. The operation of this business requires a good knowledge of the market to select a competitive service concept to increase customer satisfaction. However, it is critical that this service is offered with a strong focus on cost management. One central goal of the proposed business strategy is the development of a unique corporate identity. Such identity will create customer loyalty and help gain a competitive advantage. Therefore, it is planned that additional to the selection of new and interesting services, a company design is developed. For this reason, the service around the offered

Business Plan For A Cd Shop applications and the additional businesses is very extensive.


The required investment for the proposed business is moderate compared to other companies in the industry. Labor and the costs for goods are expected to be the main cost driver, whereas no other substantial investment in fixed assets is required. Depending upon the location, the minimum required investment amount...
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