Business Plan for the College Cafe

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Assignment On: Business Plan for the College Cafe

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Ms. Fatema-Tuz-Zohora
Department of Business Administration
East West University
Dhaka 1212

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Submission Date: 11th Dec, 2011.


Letter of Transmittal

11th Dec, 2011

Department of Business Administration
East West University
Dear Madam:
We are very pleased to submit this assignment on business plan on bookshop as you have authorized us in this semester. We are honored to prepare this assignment under your guidance since it gave us the opportunity to know the current status of bookshop and analyze its market condition to launch a new idea. We tried our level best to accumulate the information for you as comprehensive as possible. We will be obliged to provide further clarification on this report whenever necessary. Sincerely Yours

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Merena Akthar Jahan ID # 2011-2-40-144 _____________

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First of all we would like to our gratitude to Allah. Thereafter we would like to express our thankfulness and indebtedness to our honorable faculty, Ms. Fatema-Tuz-Zohora, Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, East West University (EWU). With her inexhaustible guidance, valuable advice, continuous inspiration, constructive criticism and generosity she helped us to carry out this report successfully. We would also like to express our gratitude to the website that helped us to gather all the necessary information. Finally, we would like to thank to all group members that directly or indirectly helped us to provide and accumulate all the necessary information for the accomplishment of this assignment.

Executive Summary
The College Cafe is a student-to-student Internet marketplace providing university students with the opportunity to buy, sell and trade college textbooks, participate in auctions, post classified ads, provide teacher evaluations, and buy products for college.  The College Cafe's target market consists of over 1.5 million college and university students. The College Cafe will enable students to buy, sell, and trade used textbooks directly to other students, by-passing the university bookstores.  By selling textbooks to other students, the seller can receive more money than the bookstore will pay and the buyer can pay less than the bookstore charges.  In addition to textbooks, students will be able to sell class notes, old tests, and computers, used CDs, tutoring services or anything students wish to sell via an online student-to-student marketplace.  In addition, the College Cafe will offer other services such as classifieds, teacher evaluations, weblogs (bloggers), specialized content and retail.  The College Cafe will establish itself as the leading online student-to-student marketplace by combining extensive market-specific expertise with Internet technologies to generate revenue while creating a win-win solution for students.  The College Cafe will achieve market dominance by utilizing extensive domain experience, a local grass roots marketing strategy, an exceptional management team, superior software, and the formation of strategic alliances, memberships and partnerships with companies within the market. College students are eager to find ways to get "quick cash" at the end of every semester.  One method college student’s use is to sell their old textbooks at the end of every semester; however the re-sell market is controlled by the local university bookstore. Because bookstores...
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