Business Plan for Daycare

Topics: Employment agency, Recruitment, Employment Pages: 14 (3291 words) Published: May 13, 2013
London School of Commerce M anagerial Skills and Entrepreneurial M anagement M aster Business Administration

Aylin Zekeria I smail B0146ECEC1011  

Lecturers: Rajendra Kumar & Tatiana Pavlovsky

Table Of Contents 1 Executive Summary 2 Business Description 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 Company Goals and Objectives Mission Statement Service Keys to Success Legal Consideration 4     4   5   5   6   6    

3 Business Opportunities 3.1 3.2 Target customers Business competitors 3.2.1 3.2.2 Analiz Danismanlik LTD ADECCO

  7   8   8   8   9     9   11   12   12   13   13   13   13     15   15   16   16   16   17      

3.3 Geographical Area 4 Marketing Strategy 4.1 4.2 Market Research Marketing Plan 4.3.1 4.3.2 4.3.3 4.3.4 Straights Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

4.3 SWOT Analysis

4.4 Sales Projection 5 Business Operations 5.1 5.2 Service Offered Personnel Plan

6 Technology 7 Finances 7.1 Start-up Costs and Funding 7.2 Important Assumptions 8 Refences


9 Appendices Appendix 1.Employment Annual Growth Rate in Turkey Appendix 2.Sales Projection Appendix 3.Personnel Plan Appendix 4 Appendix 4 Appendix 4 Appendix 4 Appendix 5 Appendix 5 Appendix 5 a. Pro Forma Cash Flow b. General Assumption c. Personnel Plan d. Pro Forma Profit & Loss a. Bullhorn Recruitment Software b. Recruitment Views    

  20   21   21   22   22   24   24   25   27   28   29                    


1. Executive Summary
We are planning to set up a private employment agency in the name of Talent Basket in Izmir, Turkey. Talent Basket specialised at engineering placement for small companies are providing unique service by matching best candidates for the companies while providing the employees with honesty and honour. As a result of that, our clients save their time and money. Talent Basket also offers service online which can provide easiness about costs and services for both companies and job seekers which name is Talent Basket is cooperating with the university comities and giving seminars to new graduate students about the labour market. The long term vision is to open a number of offices around Turkey. Additionally improve our service by trainings to give the best service to our clients. Talent Basket is owned by Aylin Ismail who has two years experience in Production Industry in Izmir. She has a good relationship with small production companies in Izmir and other industrial places. Talent Basket is planning to operate £2,184 for the first month and the sales will increase to £4,368 at the end of the year. The sales shall be fluctuated based on the market during one year period. Our aim to prepare that plan is to ensure that where the company is going and to lay the foundations of Talent Basket Figure 1: Highlights

£14,000 £12,000 £10,000 £8,000 Sales £6,000 £4,000 £2,000 £0 -­‐£2,000 Gross  Margin Net  Profit


2. Business Description
Talent Basket will start acting in January 2013. Structure of the company is sole trade. Talent Basket is formed by Aylin Ismail. It is going to enrol in recruitment sector. It provides the service of hiring temporary and permanent skilled engineers in both the Industrial and Office sectors.

2.1 Company Goals and Objectives: Besides the global, well-known companies there are many emerging small businesses in Izmir. Our short-term goal is to support these developed companies by providing full recruitment service to them and to be a health, successful recruitment company in Izmir. Our middle-term goal is following our succeeded expansion in the local region, we would look to expanding to additional cities. Our long-term goal is to be one of the well-know international recruitment company in the world and give our customers satisfaction guaranty service.

2.2 M ission Statement: We consistently work to give our clients best service by understanding their needs and try to meet...
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