Business Plan for Commissary

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Serve the customer in more places

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Contact: Steven Epstein Micro Retail International 877-642-7601 1

Why Micro-Retail?
Brand, surplus real estate, and our retail program makes it easy to scale or pre-open retail locales • A Consumer Brand • Micro Retail s hardware and training systems • Plentiful small locations • Low barrier to entry for franchisees • Quick roll-out and start-up • Operational simplicity • Higher per unit ROI and same store sales growth Brand


Hardware & Systems

Inside a Micro Retail Location


Why Specialty Drinks
 In a Micro Retail?
Links consumer brand with daily consumption habit Micro Retail s building design flexibility allows for double drive-thru or single drive-thru with an outdoor café ! Drinks are high margin for a faster ROI Add a grab-and-go and increase ticket Add a frozen or storable grab-and-go and increase ticket exponentially All Demographics All Family Members All Day Sales 3

Dutch Bros Tempe, AZ Starbucks Tempe, AZ

Micro Retail Outdoor Café

Competitive Micro Concepts

Quality, Rapid Expansion through
 the Micro Retail Approach Commissary – Satellite System
Full-service Store or Commissary
•  Training and relief support •  Centralized Security •  Supply Chain & Distribution Hub •  Keeps Team Aligned Satellite

With Satellites


Full-service store

• Offer the 20% that generates 80% of revenue • Satellites become drive-by marketing/billboards • Flexibility of locating in commuter or high traffic areas • Build customer base before full-service store opens • Foil to existing competitive full-service store • Ideal for partial year venues

Satellite 4

Turn-key building and installation
A handful of contractors simplifies build-out
•  •  •  •  •  8 x 14 L&I approved metal-framed insulated climate-controlled building Suitable for parking lot or pad Flat bed delivery,...
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