Business Plan for an Established Business

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Business Plan
Gary Reeves
Studio Upholstery
6810 W. Cheyenne
Las Vegas Nevada, 89108
(702)-380-8468 office Table of Contents Table of Contents2
Executive Summary
General Company Description4
Products and Services7
Marketing Plan8
Operational Plan15
Management and Organization20
Personal Financial Statement21
Financial History and Analysis22
Financial Plan23

Executive Summary

Studio Upholstery provides a wide variety of services. We specialize in Antique, Custom Auto Restoration, Hot Rods, Custom Auto’s, and Marine . Mr. Reeves is very well known in the Upholstery business, and is considered one of the best in the business. We are highly experienced in creating, designing, customizing, and fabricating products with intricate details. We also possess the knowledge and ability to work furniture side of the Upholstery industry as well. It is a rare talent to possess the ability to cross over between the Auto and Furniture sides of Upholstery. We produce high quality work with rates that are very competitive. The pricing structure is tailored specifically to each individual job. The labor is $85.00 per hour per job. Our customers have many different types of characteristics. They range from a house wife all the way to an Auto Collector, from teenagers to retired seniors, boat lovers to car lovers, from rich to poor. The Corporate side of our customers range from Restaurants, Medical Offices, to Local/State Government entities. Our product and services amaze the customer. Talking to a customer about how the job will appear is one thing, but until they see the finished product, it‘s beyond their expectations. The owner of Studio Upholstery is Gary Reeves. We believe the future of our business is great! At present we are in a recession and the Auto side of our business is slow. But once the economy begins to turn around it will only increase our business potential!

General Company Description
Mission statement: Studio Upholstery provides Antique and Classic restorations, Custom Hot Rods and Show cars, and “back to factory originals” replacement or repair. Our main goal is to offer alternatives to purchasing new, and saving the customer money. Our philosophy is Integrity and Quality First. Our business is Upholstery. We provide services on a wide scale: Automobiles, Marine, Furniture, as well as Commercial (ex: restaurants, bars, offices, medical, etc). We can customize, create, design, and fabricate anything and everything imaginable. Our Target market is Automobile and Marine Restorations. In the last 6 months we have acquired multiple Commercial accounts such as: Mc Donald’s, Red Lobster (and others). We are in both the Auto and Furniture industries. They are both considered mature industries. Due to our current economic conditions only established businesses will survive, unless they expand their services, because the general public is not spending money on leisure items. We are targeting different types of accounts such as: Private Businesses, Corporate, and Local/State Government entities. By doing so we will both endure the current economic conditions, and expand our business.

Competitive Advantage: There aren’t any other Upholstery businesses in the Las Vegas Valley that does both Auto’s and Furniture other than Studio Upholstery. This is our strongest competitive advantage, most businesses specialize in one or the other. Mr. Reeves, our Upholsterer has expert knowledge and is very experienced with all areas of both Auto’s and Furniture. He has 28yrs. In the industry, is also very well known, and considered one of The Best in the Industry. We have multiple accounts with Private Businesses,...
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