Business Plan for an Aviation Company

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1. Company’s profile

JetStream Aero Services (JAS) is a newly set up aerospace company dedicated to providing small aircraft modification, assembly and maintenance services in South East Asia. JAS will have its first maintenance plant at Seletar Airport (Singapore) and aimed to start operations by 2010. Singapore is chosen due to its strategic location and it is a major hub in aerospace maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) in Asia Pacific. As JAS is relatively a new company, the management aims to enter the South East Asia market by focusing on small business aircrafts in the first few years of operations. Other areas would be looked into further once JAS has established its brand name and services. JAS is also proud to be licensed and approved by Diamond Aircraft Industry to carry out manufacturing and assembly of the Diamond DA42 twin star aircraft in Singapore. JAS will be solely in charge of the aircraft sales and finances during the starting phase of operations. At the same time, JAS’s dedicated and well-experienced engineers would design and build its own single engine trainer aircraft named JetStream Flyer to be mainly marketed in the South East Asia region. The demand for JetStream Flyer is expected to be high due to rising demands for business jet travel in this region. JAS is strategically located within Seletar airport and boast about two hectares of land. The maintenance plant is equipped with the latest equipments to ensure all aircrafts are properly maintained. JAS employees will be well trained and motivated to provide quick and reliable services to get the aircraft in tip-top conditions every time.

1.1 Company’s mission statement

JetStream Aero Services (JAS) mission statement is ‘We’ll keep you flying’. This statement tells customers that at JAS, our people are dedicated to provide fast and reliable engineering support to all aircrafts to keep it flying in the skies in tip top conditions. The company mission statement is also about meeting customer’s needs. Being a newly set up company, meeting customer’s requirements and creating a strong customer base is of upmost importance to JAS. The management would ensure good coordination and communication between the customer service and engineering departments. This would effectively reduce errors and at the same time, making sure the aircraft is delivered exactly to each and every customer’s individual needs. Below shows the logo used by JAS. The unique fan blade logo speaks of the company’s commitments and assurance to provide quality aerospace services to small business and trainer aircrafts.

(Fig 1: JAS business logo)

1.2 Company’s objectives

JetStream Aero services have the following objectives:
* To provide quality aircraft services such as maintenance, modifications and flight test of small business jets and trainer aircraft

* To be a sole company to carry out assembly and distributor of the Diamond DA42 twin star business aircraft and JetStream Flyer aircraft in South East Asia

* To be able to assemble and sell off at least 03 X Diamond DA42 twinstar aircraft within the first month of operations onwards

* To achieve a sales potential of 05 X JetStream Flyer trainer aircraft per month from year 2013 onwards

* To build up a strong brand name and have a significance presence in the aerospace industry in South East Asia

* To provide a conductive and safe work environment for employees to improve overall work production

1.3 Company’s core values

JetStream Aero services core values will consist of the following four factors: 1. Exceed
* JAS is determined to meet, if not exceed, customer’s requirements and requests

2. Quality
* To provide quality services to customers every time
* Continuous R&D work to be carried out to improve on work and product quality

3. Safety
* Workshop must be safe and hazard...
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