Business Plan - Financial Forecasting

Topics: Balance sheet, Accounts receivable, Money Pages: 3 (720 words) Published: April 12, 2013
1) Initial Investment
In the following table "Initial Investment", this is for all disbursements required in the pre-operative project to be evaluated, i.e. all expenditures necessary for the company to begin operations and includes fixed assets. Current assets, i.e. all raw materials or products that the company will engage in selling. In addition, the initial investment table includes the composition of the investment that the company will need to boot, in simple words, how much money will come out of the pockets of its stockholders or stockholders' equity. We decided to buy the necessary to start the business of desserts, buying industrial ovens, which will make us have a large production, and all the tools needed for cooking, two computers to work day to day, making a total of 7.400.82euros (This money will come out of our own savings, dividing the total by 4 participants, making a total of 1850.21 euros each) We also assumed that the first three months are somewhat loose, thus saves cash equivalent to three months of expenses.

2) Annual Expenses Budget
The following table corresponds to the projected expenses in a year. The costs are: * Advertising,
* Local Rental (space for production),
* Electricity,
* Water
* Communication( telephone , mobile)
* Raw materials,
* Wages
* Car Rental
* Other expenses (cleaning materials, repairs, security, etc.) We decided to hire two or three people, especially students, who can be flexible and bring energy and creativity to work, also they will not be paid a full salary. We have also come to the decision to rent a car for at least a year, this will help us to go delivery and reach other market. We have taken into account also to make three market research during the first year, to give us advice and direction of the business. As you can see the highest percentage is the rent, we will located in a central location in Berlin, which has led to high...
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