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  • Published : May 2, 2012
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Jessica D’Alvarez, Sophie Jones and Hannah Lydford


When discussing what business we would like, we all came up with the idea of event planning and that is what finalised our decision. We are all interested in event planning and therefore thought it would be a great business to start up.

The purpose of our business plan is to provide structure in our business and to have a written record of our plans and projections. We intend to provide an event planning service, aimed at adults who wish for help organising an event. We will offer assistance for events such as Birthday, Christmas, Engagement, Hen and Stag parties, Wedding receptions, Christenings and Baby showers.

We have chosen discounts and to become our USP. We think that giving the option of a package, will attract our customers and in the long run, increase our profit margin. Our discounts will be as follows: if the customer chooses our business for two of their parties, any of the above, then they will be given a small discount of 10%. If the customer chooses our business for three of their parties, then they will be given a medium discount of 15% and finally if the customer chooses our business for four of their parties then they will be given a large discount of 20%.

The management team will include Jessica D’Alvarez, Sophie Jones and Hannah Lydford as well as two others. We have decided to each share the responsibility of manager as we each have different qualities that we can bring to the business.

We have decided on the figure of £25,000 to cover the costs of everything when we start our business. This will cover the cost of a small office, equipment, such as computers, laptops, phones, cars, stationary and a phone and internet connection. We will also need to use this money for advertising as advertising is a very important part to our business. We have decided on having an advertisement painted onto two cars; these will be our company cars and used to meet our clients. We have also decided to print out many business cards as we will need to hand these out to customers and potential customers.


We will be looking to employ a secretary and two other co-event organisers The secretary must have good telephone and communications skills, be well organised, smart in appearance and friendly.

We are looking to employ two other event organisers who share the same passion as we do. Ideally they should be experienced, extremely organised and punctual. We will employ them to be full time workers but they must be able to work flexible hours (at least 30 hours) as to meet the customer’s needs, as well as have means of transport to different locations (preferably a car) or we will provide company cars holding our HSJ name, logo and details as part of our marketing campaign. They must also have qualifications in English and Maths at a GCSE level (minimum). Finally an eye for creativity and a good imagination is key as to see what the customer wants and to help them realise their dream event. They will receive at least £20,000 per year. We will offer bonuses based on the amount events organised throughout the year.

Sophie Jones and Jessica D’Alvarez will work 6 days a week, every week working on marketing. Our roles within the business is the general day to day running of the business, as well as advertising and marketing and also we will be organising some customers events however our two other event organisers will work full time with the customers only. We are looking to employ a secretary who can work 5-6 days a week (preferably 6 days a week). Also our other co-event organisers will be asked to work around the client’s needs, so their hours will vary from week to week.


The owners of the company - Jessica D’Alvarez and Hannah Lydford are going to be at the head of the business as Head Event Co-ordinators. We...
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