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Topics: Infomercial, Marketing, Digital single-lens reflex camera Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: February 19, 2012
Individual New Business Paper

Our user-friendly k-x model Digital SLR camera has been the most technologically advanced, under-$1,000 cameras we sell. In the last eighteen months our international sales have dropped twenty percent, leaving us with only twelve percent of the market, in fourth place behind Canon, Nikon and Sony’s comparable models. Although we have accomplished our goals of gaining popularity within the advanced amateur photographer demographic, it is necessary for us to open up the market to entry-level users. The k-x has received stellar reviews from and, putting us above our more popular-brand competitors.

Now because of our decreasing-sales dilemma, we must change our marketing methods. For too long we have relied on our meager website ads, hoping that the quality and reputation of our cameras will keep our sales up. But with them we have only been reaching our long-time faithful Pentax photographers, and not developing a new customer base – at least one that is truly measurable. With the current digital age and the lowering of prices for high-tech cameras, we need to bring our product into a new light with the public.

Unlike watching TV, people don’t just consume content on social networks; they actively share it. As television becomes more digital – in the form of sharable video clips or articles on a show’s premier, for example – social media will continue to play an increasingly important role on how consumers discover and engage with all forms of content, including and most importantly, TV.

I’ve looked into some very interesting and relevant studies that explain a lot of what’s going on with advertising today. The first thing to consider is this: Currently in the U.S. 290 million people own at least one TV, and 232 million own a mobile phone. Initially, it took 38 years for TV to reach an audience of 50 million viewers, while the Internet only took four. Given that 43 percent of these mobile devices are...
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