Business Plan Electrical Blinds

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We offer solar powered blinds to both consumer and businesses. Taking part of the green movement, we allow our consumers to utilize direct energy from the sun that can be translated into powering small appliances within houses and corporate buildings. With most large building and houses using blinds we can capitalize on the large un tapped market place. Our goal is to partner with large blind companies and push forward our technology Marketing Plan and Strategy

Target Market
Our main focus will be targeting home owners , business and building landlords. Offering our service to this niche market of green conscious building owners will allow us to capitalize on the reneable energy sector.

Our competitors will be large corporation who have already developed solar panels that are able to translate into powering small appliances. These companies will easily be able to enter the market and take market share. Our biggest competitors will be 3M technologies who have already developed small solar panel film that is able to be placed on solid objects. Pricing strategy

Partnering with existing blind companies that already have existing contracts with building , home and landlord owners will be our largest attribute in penetrating the market. We will offer them a 8% profit in sales to use their blinds with our technology. In addition we will offer large distirubtion discounts to building owners to be more enticing to purchase our technologies with blinds. Promotion and distribution

We will promote our product through government services that promote green movement within the energy sector. Distributing our products with large blind corporoation such as blinds to go will allow us to increase sales dramatically within the industry. Quality target

To ensure quality we will have our technology fully certified before distribution. In addition we will * Green , durable , passes all ISO test
Technology requirements
Our product will...
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