Business Plan

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Business Plan
General Information
Name of Enterprise: JAD’z Enterprise
Name of the Owner’s: Judilyn Sagayo, Aiza Inabiohan, Dina Naupo, Janice Bugayao Proposed location of the business: QSC Market
Funding Requirement:
Source of Fund: Proponents
Our product is different from lumpiang Shanghai available in the market, because it less fats (cholesterol) while lumpiang Shanghai that is sold in the cities used pork which contains a lot while our product will be utilizing vegetable and pork as filling. We will make our product different, improving its taste and to the packing material. The term lumpia derives from lumpia in hokkien dialect of Chinese; lumpia is a type of stuffed pastry, like a spring roll. There is lot of Filipino dishes which place their names attached to the name of the product even if they have no connection. Lumpiang shanghai is one of such dishes, lumpia means “spring roll” in tagalong. It can be filled with fresh vegetable or a fried one with a variety of fillings. Our product is a fried mini spring roll with a mixture of pork and vegetables. I think what the merely means cooked in the Chinese style, Filipinos are very popular food, some foods trucks have also introduced in the US where it has been warmly welcomed by the food loving public. This meat laden, fried type of lumpia is filled with ground pork and vegetables, mixed onion and carrots. This variety is by standard an inch in diameters and approximately 4-6 inches in length. However, most restaurant and street vendors often serve lumpiang shanghai in smaller diameters, typically one-half to three quarter inches and is served with a spicy sauce instead in a sweet or sour sauce.

1. To generate sales of at least 250/ cycles.
2. To gain a profit of at least 90/ cycles.
3. To produce porkegetable of at least 90 pcs./ cycles.
Marketing Aspect
A. Market survey
-our target customers are co-boarders, students, teachers and others...
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