Business Plan

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Business Plan

Doormat Weighing Scale

Singla Trading Company
38 London Street,
(64) 0211860829
Varun Aggarwal, Director
29th Oct 2010


I. Executive Summary
II. Business Mission and Strategy
III. Sources and Uses of Funds
IV. Products
V. Market and Competition
VI. Marketing
VII. Management
VIII. Financial Data

Executive summary:

The doormat weighing scale was designed by Emilio Alarcon a Spanish designer with wide rage of experience.

Weight had become a social taboo. No one talks about how much we weigh or don’t weigh, it’s almost like talking about money. Also every body want to spruce their house with something different the moment people are going to step through our front door. Combination of Doormat and Weighing scale is a small contribution by Emilio for solving this two day to day problems for the First World. Combination of doormat weighing scale will kill two birds with one stone. Because we won’t want all the dirt and grime from outside end up all over our floors, hence the Doormat Scale will become our best ally when it comes to losing weight. Doormat weighing Scale is a doormat that’s also a scale. It works like any normal bathroom scale, indicating your weight in kilograms whenever we step on it. We’ll finally know how much our guests weigh: including our friends, our mom, our sexy next-door neighbour, the doorman, our chubby friend, encyclopedia salesmen, and our skinny friend.

The Doormat weighing Scale is also a good way to force us to check our weight on a daily basis, since we’ll have to weigh our self every time when we enter or leave the house.


The company has the following objectives:

• To build and test first year by doing door to door marketing and gain the expression of word of mouth.

• To conduct a regular survey from the open public what they thing about our product.

• To gain the goodwill from the word of mouth.

• And after years to became international company with the new name “Singla Trading INC”

Business Description:

There are many companies in China who are already dealing with weighing scale. No body can beat Chinese Companies in matter of price and quality. That’s why we would ask quotation from Chinese Companies who are having very good experience in weighing industry.

The main aim of importing our product in ready made form will reduced our manufacturing cost as well as setting up industry. Also New Zealand Government already has free Trade agreement with China. Considering this point into mind we will get our product readymade at very attractive cost price.


Singla Trading Company is Indian firm which was established in 1977. In year 2006 Varun Aggarwal had purchased it and become the Sole Proprietor of the firm. Therefore Varun Aggarwal will serve as Director of the company.

Financial Needs

Singla Trading Company needs NZ $ 100000 in short term financing to cover start up cost, and provide working capital until the business can support itself from cash flow. The owner will invest $60000 of their own cash and would like to borrow $ 20000 initially, with the remaining $20000 available as a line of credit over the next 6 months. Interest rate will begin after the first month. After 10 months, operation will generate sufficient cash to pay down the balance of the loan in tow balloon payment, which will result in the loan being paid off by the end of the first year. The owners are prepared to pledge personal asserts as collateral for this loan.

II Business Mission and Strategy

Mission statement

Singla Trading Company will not sell doormat weighing scale only to health conscious consumers. The main target to those who want their house spruce in way that visitor would not feel insulted when they are asked to clean their footwear on the doormat before entering into the house. By giving excellent service the Company would expect to...
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