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BUSINESS PLAN “Fratelli Rossetti Handbags” viale Stelvio n°173 - 21052 Busto A. (VA)

1. Historical analysis of the territory and of the sector  2. Current situation and future outlook  3. Business mission (Handbags sector)  4. Business Area  5. Marketing strategies  6. Location  7. Technical and human resources  8. Juridical structure  9. Economic and financial goals 

Historical analysis of the territory and of the sector

Busto Arsizio is located in an industrial and commercial area. In the past it was known as the “Italian Manchester” because the town was full of textile industries . In the recent years Busto has lost its importance because of the shutdown of lots of businesses due to the economic crisis, related to the growth of the production in the Far East. In 1892 the first shoe factory was set up by Giuseppe Borri leather tradition In 1990 the owners had to close down the business because of the international competition.

Current situation and future outlook

According to the “AIMPES REPORT” of the Leather Sector, in the last decade, the European Fashion System has been protagonist of the economic globalization process. The results are:  the changes of the productive and commercial shapes.  the reduction of the number of businesses and employees, also due to the decentralization of the production in the Asiatic Area.

 

This particular situation caused a consistent decline in production. In the first half of 2010, the increasing international demand and consumption have had positive effects on production: a 3% growth has been registered. The increase of export levels can be related to the strong presence of luxury articles that characterize the “made in Italy” leather goods

Business mission (Handbags sector)

The business mission is to satisfy our customers' desires, by offering a high quality product made by a qualified team and with an inimitable but easily distinguishable design; The offer of our products consists of two options:  Medium-high quality handbags will be proposed in duty free shops, so the brand can spread quickly;  High quality handbags will be offered in our one brand shops and in every multibrand showroom. The success of our business will depend on the ability to create a trend, to forestall the competitors and to maintain the interest of the customers who count on the quality of our handbags and of materials used in manufacturing; It’s necessary to attract more and more buyers and gain their confidence by satisfying their quality requirements and their wants; To be successful our business will invest its money constantly in the styles and technical research and this will allow us to have a fair price-quality ratio.

Business Area
Product description

We want to design two different collections: one that meets our customers needs, with different prices, whose bags will be sold at about € 500 in shops and duty free shops. Another one of higher quality will be able to compete with some famous brands (Prada, Bottega Veneta, Chloé...) Our brand will remind of the features of our products (quality, elegance, creativity, exclusivity and Italian design, craftmanship) It’s very important to work on the brand to emphasize the social and individual identity, to transmit emotions, impressions and meanings. We want to create a handbag for smart, fancy, well-off women. The price is high because our bag is designed by professional people and it is realized with high quality material, the manufacturing process is long and expensive.

 

Current market:

Our business has several competitors such as Bottega Veneta, Chloé and Prada.

We have chosen a market niche that is not affected by Asian competitors, as they can't feature our skill and experience.

NAME Chloè

STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES  Home made  High prices from manufacturing 1150 €  One brand shops in the main...
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