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Topics: Obesity, Weight loss, Bariatric surgery Pages: 4 (1222 words) Published: May 20, 2013
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Bariatric Surgery as Obesity Cure and the Benefits, Implication an Individual Gets From Undergoing Through this Procedure
In the recent past cases of obesity has risen over the world. Obesity no only causes an individual to be over weight but it also has other health problems that are associated with it. Due to this rise, bariatric surgery has considered as an alternative in treatment of obesity. This is a surgical procedure that is usually performed to individuals that have body mass index of 35to 40. As people continue to use this procedure, it has become evident that debates that questions efficiency of this procedure. This forced me to go to the field so as to understand what bariatric surgery entail, how is it efficient as a method of obesity treatment, and the benefits and implication it has on those who have undergone through it. The methods issued in my research include secondary sources such as books and internet, questionnaires and interviewing among many more others. From the research on the field, the information I gathered related closely with what was on what the books had written on the same. The research also reveled that if some things are put in place the efficiency of this procedure would be enhanced.

Thesis of my research
The main thesis of my research was to find out what bariatric surgery entails, the benefits that those that have undergone through the procedure may get, and the side effects that may result from undergoing through this procedure. Other thesis that were related to my research was to find out the challenges that limit use of bariatric surgery as obesity treatment method, to find out where the effect of bariatric surgery may be originating and finally to find out thing that could be done to improve the efficiency of this procedure in treatment of obesity. Bariatric surgery and obesity treatment

The research that I conducted showed that bariatric surgery is a medical...
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