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Executive Summary

Wounds that are hard to heal are an increasing problem throughout the world. Millions of people suffer from them and treatment is both costly, time consuming and causes patients pain and discomfort.

Dative is a biotechnology research company that is developing two different technologies in order to produce a solution to this problem. One is the PolySel© - an absorbent gel formula which can be used together with various kind of active substances. The other is an antimicrobial compound containing nanosilver.

These two will combine to Ag+el©- an easy-to-use gel with significantly higher antimicrobial effect than competing products.

The market is today dominated by a few large players who market a wide range of wound care products based on various types of technologies. Dative’s primary customer segment is professional health care facilities such as hospitals, medical centers and units within the elderly care.

An agreement has been signed with Swedish med-tech company InterMed to market Ag+el© exclusively for three years. InterMed will receive a commission of 35% of all sales while Dative will focus on its core competencies, namely R&D and production. InterMed will also license in PolySel© and market it under own brand until the silver compound needed in Ag+el© is fully developed.

The calculated net present value of Dative is currently €2,23M. Potential investors will be offered a total of 30 % of Datives shares at a price of €750 000. ROI is calculated to be 40% in 7 years.

Table of Contents

1. Introducing Dative Research p. 1

2. The Business p. 2
-2.1 The Organization
-2.2 The Products; Ag+el© and PolySel©

3. The Market p. 4
-3.1 Market Type and Size
-3.2 Competition
-3.3 Customers
-3.4 Regulations

4. The Value of Ag+el© p. 7

5. Business Strategy p. 8
-5.1 Research and Development
-5.2 Production Plan
-5.3 Marketing Strategy
-5.4 Intellectual Property Management
-5.5 Long Term Strategy
-5.6 Action Plan

6. Financial Valuation p. 11
-Cost and Revenue Structure
-Cash Flow Analysis
- Valuation

7. Risk Assessment p. 13

8. Investment Proposal p. 14

1. Introducing Dative Research

Millions of people worldwide suffer from various kinds of chronic or hard-to-heal wounds. The condition is common among for example diabetics and hospital patients with bedsores and the numbers are increasing as population grows older. Having to change wound dressings several times each week can often be painful and distressing for patients and wound treatment is both time consuming and costly for health care.

With chronic or hard-to-heal wounds, as well as with post-surgical wounds, there is almost always a risk of infection. Therefore, they often need to be treated with antibiotics, or with equivalent antimicrobial alternatives, such as compounds containing nanosilver. Nanosilver have a proven antimicrobial effect but just as with antibiotics, an excessive use may have negative side effects such as contribution to the development of multi-resistant bacteria.

Dative Research AB, hereafter referred to as Dative, is a limited liability company operating within the business of advanced wound care. Dative’s business idea is to develop and produce an easy-to-use and highly effective antimicrobial gel for hard-to-heal wound care.

Dative is developing a gel formula that can be used to moisten dry wounds and in the same time absorb excessive wound exudate from wet wounds. Parallel to this, the company is developing a silver-based antimicrobial compound with significantly high effect in relation to the amount of silver used. This compound will in combination with the gel substance make out the Ag+el©, which will be Dative’s main product. The gel formula will be fully developed and licensed out within 18 months. The silver compound needed for Ag+el© is projected to be fully developed and introduced to the market...
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