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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Jonny’s Studio
Business Plan by Yilmaz Akin
Professor Smith

Table of Contents

a. What is my business
b. Product or Services offered
c. What value does my product offer the consumer
d. My industry
e. Target Market
f. Competition
g. How I will sell my service
h. Pricing
i. What are the start-up costs?
j. How will I finance my business?
k. Assumptions and revenue projections

I. Executive Summary
As an experienced musician I understand that it is hard and time consuming to go to different locations and deal with different people to get the services that an artist needs. An artist needs photos, music videos, and most importantly a studio to record their music. This is where I combine all three into one studio. An artist can come record their music, have a photo-shoot and even shoot a music video all at one place. Since my business is combining three separate services it will be entering three different markets. Through social networking and advertisements I can reach my target market, which will be musicians from every genre of music. With the right marketing strategy and good service I feel this business will do great within the ever-changing entertainment industry.

II. Business Description
Jonny’s Studio will be an all purpose studio including top of the line audio recording, photography and videography. The audio recording part of the business will include a fully equipped soundproof recording booth with XLR condenser microphone with great audio quality and a trained engineer who will edit according to the artists style and needs. The photography & videography part of Jonny’s Studio will include film and DSLR photography and 1080 resolution videos with a fully equipped indoor studio and lighting or outdoor shoots...
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