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Poto: Smart Taste, Drink Best
Producing non-dairy milk from potatoes to reduce milk crisis and potato spoilage problems

05 December, 2011

Poto: Smart Taste, Drink Best
Producing non-dairy milk from potatoes to reduce milk crisis and potato spoilage problems

Prepared for
Dr. A. H. M. Habibur Rahman
Department of Finance
Faculty of Business Studies
University of Dhaka

Prepared by

H M Mirajul Islam14-021
Badhan Mazumder14-167
Md. Saiful Islam14-091
Md. Shamiul Islam14-139
Md. Shimum Hossain14-173


Serial No. Particulars Page No.
1.0 Executive Summary 5
2.0 Business Idea 7
3.0 Goals and Objectives 8
4.0 Market Potential 10
5.0 Competitor Analysis 11
6.0 Marketing Plan 13
7.0 Operation 16
8.0 Implementation Plan 17
9.0 Resource Requirement 18
10.0 Ownership Form and Management Team 18
11.0 Risk Assessment 19
12.0 SWOT Analysis 20
13.0 Exit Strategy (Contingency Plan) 20
14.0 Financial Plan 21
15.0 Social Cost-Benefit Analysis 24
16.0 Appendix25

Are you sure that the last drop of milk your loving child drinks is safe? Do you know what compels you to feed your baby melamine and other contaminated milk? The huge demand-supply gap makes the milk price high and that creates the chance for low price contaminated milk to enter into Bangladesh market. Another recent agro-problem Bangladesh has faced is huge potato spoilage after having bumper production each year and potato farmers incur huge loss. Poto (country’s first non-dairy milk brand) identifies these top problems as opportunity and combines two solutions into one direction which is producing milk by adding value to the local quality potatoes to introduce non-dairy milk in Bangladesh market as a new offering. Poto’s product line comprises two basic category of milk which is original & flavoured in three tetra pack size of 250ml, 500ml and 1litre. A new generation of non-dairy beverages has dawned with Poto, a delicious-tasting, fat free, cholesterol free, that can be used just like milk. Potato based Poto is an excellent source of bio available calcium and least allergic of all non-dairy beverages available on today's world. The total demand of milk is 6,570,000 tonnes (per head 120 ml) and supply is 3,326,000 tonnes including the imported milk (The Independent, 25 December, 2008). Among the milk producers Milk Vita is the biggest by holding 20% of demand so it grabs almost 40% of total supply. Brac Dairy, Pran, Akij are holding sizeable portion of the market. Poto uses cost leadership and differentiation strategies to gain competitive edge over its competitors. It gets the first mover advantage over all potential non-dairy milk brands. Poto is not only an entrepreneurship venture but also an ecopreneurship endeavor. The production process is eco-friendly because there are no chemical or harmful particles used in the production and the disposal system is safe. The company also emphasizes safety and hygiene issue of the human resources. The firm has a marketing strategy of positioning its product on the basis of low price and quality. The objective of its marketing campaign is to make people aware about non-dairy milk concept and its benefits over ordinary milks. To reach the segmented portion of buyers in Dhaka Poto uses all the four means of marketing mix and marketing tools like TVC, FM radio ads, newspaper ads, campus campaign, assurance program and 24/7 help desk. The production of Poto is done in the own operational plant in Sirajganj because the availability of rawmaterials as well as the convenient transport and communication. The operation of Poto consists of three...
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