Business Plan

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BUSINESS PLAN PROJECT - Frequently Asked Questions :

GOALS : [a] Allow students to apply some selected management topics to a real situation. [b] Encourage students to develop skills in workgroups.

1. Where do I begin?

This project will challenge you to think about certain management aspects that are necessary for a business to succeed. You should start by thinking of a business that you would like to begin. Do not use a product that already exists, such as iphone. Learning comes through the process of using your own ideas, not by imitating others. There are 3 parts of the business plan and each section of the business plan connects with the information that is discussed in class and in the textbook.

2. What should my business plan look like?

There are three parts to the business plan. The “Business Plan Project Template” will be provided to you and you will need to complete each part. Answer the questions that make up each part in the order that they are shown. Note that the template includes hints that will help you answer each question. Once you are done answering the question, you can delete the question and the tip, leaving just your answer behind.

A sample business plan will be provided as a guide. Important to note that this is only a sample and does not suggest that this is a top grade report. Note that your plan does not have to look exactly like the sample, but you need to show good organizational skills. Note that each of the three parts of the business plan project is fully explained in your textbook.

3. After I finish each part of the plan, what do I do with my assignment?

You save each part and continue with the next part. You only submit upon completion of all the three parts on or before the deadline given. Note that you will be using the same template file to complete the entire plan. Therefore, after completing each part of the plan, you need to save the file on a disk or to your hard...
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