Business Plan

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Executive Summary

A. Type of Business

The proposed company Organic Delights is in an early stage of development. Organic Delights will be a specialty pastry shop, focused on providing organic, nutritious and healthy free baked goods to the people. It provides high quality baked goods in a modern and creative way. Many bakery products are part of people's basic diet needs, but indulgent food has more to do with emotions and special occasions. Organic Delights primary focus is on the quality of the baked goods and incorporating creativity by having a separate area to design your own cake or cupcake. This will able the biggest difference between our competitors and to provide a customer friendly atmosphere.

B. Management, Marketing and Financial Highlights

Organic Delights will be managed and organized in a manner that customer satisfaction and customer loyalty will be achieved. It will provide delicious baked goods, with an emphasis on healthful indulgence. It is a Partnership type of business . In the long run, as we expand our services offered and add new branches, we will employ more people and more equipment to comply the demands of our customers. Organic Delights will have an approximately 10 months of planning and preparation before its operation. In the recent years, businesses such as Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Contis, Red Ribbon, Goldilocks, and other bakeshop alike are highly demandable, but none of them offer organic, nutritious and healthy free baked goodies. Our marketing strategy is to provide our customer with a quality bake products that are healthy and nutritious suited to children, teenagers, and adults and to our elderly. And to bring them the happiness and joy of eating their favorite baked products. Organic Delights has P 2,200,000 authorized capital stock that will come from the contributors. C. Socio – Economic Contribution

Accordingly, current social trends support the prospect of a specialty bakery or pastries. Proper nutrition must be observed all the time because it is vital in maintaining optimal health. One misconception people make about nutrition is that for something to be nutritious it should not be delicious and conversely, delicious food may not be nutritious. This belief is what causes people to think that cakes are an indulgent and decadent dessert with little to no health benefits. With the flour and the sugar present in cakes, it can provide much needed carbohydrates. Fruits like pineapple, carrots and apples, are just some of the fruits that can be incorporated in the filling or the body of the cake. These fruits, aside from their natural sweetness, also help us get the fiber we need for better digestion. Cake is an excellent source of fats and oils through its shortening and frosting. These fats in cakes are needed, albeit in small amounts, for body energy and a source for body heat for the winter or cold months. Cake also contains protein nutrients from the eggs that are used as a binder for all ingredients. Cakes typically also contain milk, which also has proteins that provide us with the needed nutrients for strong bones and muscles. Lastly cakes that come frosted with chocolates or nuts increase the serotonin and endorphin levels in the body. This literally makes us happy. The increased prevalence of organic lifestyle choices will also support the bakery’s offerings, as educated consumers seek to remove toxic chemicals and pesticides from their diets. Through an analysis of customers and potential customers, their changes in attitudes, lifestyles and opinions, we have discovered that cupcake industry is a growing empire to replace old traditions.

Marketing Plan

2.1 Service to Sell

Organic Delights is a pastry shop that sells quality cakes, cookies and other pastry product to the children, teens, adults, and elderly that have a love for baked goodies and maintain the quality of the products but also keep the prices...
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