Business Plan

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I. Executive Summary
A. Type of Business
Company Name: Peanut Processing Plant
Nature: Food Manufacturing
The business is engaged in the production of processed peanut. Pulvoron de Mani will be produced six times in a week with 258 pieces of Pulvoron de Mani produced in every production or giving total of 1118 pieces in a month. Based from the availability of materials and good access in the market place the proponent decided to put up the business plant at Brgy. 13, Laoag City. The product is not limited to the locality but internationally. The business location is also near to schools which will be one of the target markets of the company.

The Polvorn de Mani will be made from combined ingredients namely powdered peanut, butter, powdered milk and sugar. This is the first polvoron produced out of abundant and nutritious ingredient, peanut. The consumers will not only enjoy its delicious taste but also the health benefits it will provide. Peanut is called to as the alternate meat, because it is a good source of protein. Insert benefits (source)

B. Management, Marketing and Financial Highlights
The business will be managed by the student proponents who are currently enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Agriculture major in Agricultural Extension, hence, equipped with knowledge in production and operations management, total quality management, risk management, marketing management and entrepreneurship & other business related fields.

The product will be initially launched in Ilocos Norte, particularly at Laoag Citty with the students and faculty members as the target market and main consumers and retailer store.

Return on Investment (accounting rate of return)
= Net Income/Total Assets
= 8655.20/16655.20
= 0.52 or 52%

The return on investment is 52%. Net income is P8655.20 and the total asset composing of the initial investment or contribution and sales is P16655.20.

D. Socio-economic Contribution
The product offers employment opportunities to the student proponents before or after graduation. This is also a way to promote nutritious vegetables not only as a meal dish but also a good ingredient to other foods or to the creation of new food ideas.


Before developing a new product or service, you need to know and understand the customer’s product preferences. Since customers nowadays are health conscious, our new product offering will surely address the need for healthy foods. Pulvoron is one of the favorite past time snacks/appetizer after meal. Pulvoron de Mani is not just like the ordinary cookie bought in the market since it contains the nutrients from its main ingredients, peanut.

A. Product to Sell
The product sold is one of the favourite past time snacks or appetizer after meal which is Pulvoron. Pilvoron de Mani is a delicious and nutritious pulvoron having peanut as its main ingredient. Peanut is rich in vitamins and nutrients that will be beneficial to health conscious consumers.

Uses and benefits
The product which is enriched with nutrients due to its main ingredients which are squash or sweet potato provides health benefits to the consumers. Carotene which help in preventing cancer, vitamin A and C which are powerful antioxidants, and vitamin B which help reverse the damaging effects of stress in the body are some of the nutrients obtained from the product. Aside from its health benefits, consumers will enjoy its delicious taste.

In a bid to resuscitate the dying local peanut industry in the Philippines, the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) has initiated the drafting of a national commercialization program for high-yielding peanut varieties. "The sad reality is our major peanut processors are greatly dependent on imported peanut. In fact, we are importing 80 percent of our peanut from China. In the...
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