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Filipinos are very much aware of the street foods and in fact, it became a tradition or culture. No one can ever hesitate it and resist the truth that its taste are very delicious. Street foods are foods sold by street vendors in their own stall or cart. It can be seen in streets, sidewalks and outside the schools. One popular street foodwhich featured eggs is Kwek Kwek. Kwek Kwek is a kind of food commonly sold along the streets of Manila and many other places in the Philippines. It is made up of hard-boiled chicken eggs or quail eggs individually wrapped in orange-tinted batter, which are then fried until golden brown. It is very cheap and comes with sweet sauce or could also be served with spicy vinegar. It is also very popular among students.

No one knows when and how the Kwek Kwek started or who invented it. In some theory, it started in Luzon Island in the Philippines and usually they call it Tukneneng but to make it shorter since it’s too long to pronounce it, they use Kwek Kwek instead. Then, being brought to Visayas and Mindanao. We’re not sure this information was true but one thing is for sure, everyone is enjoying this common street food.

Kwek Kwek is sometimes called as Tukneneng as what the information above mentioned. Bigger ones are called Tuknanay. But in reality, the main difference between the two lies in the egg that is used. Tukneneng is traditionally made with chicken or duck eggs, while Kwek Kwek is made with quail eggs or “itlog ng pugo.” Due to their similarities, the two are often confused with some people calling Tukneneng "Kwek Kwek" and vice versa. Tukneneng is usually served with a spiced vinegar-based dip.

Orange became the standard color for Kwek Kwek in some reason. This is because orange is the most appetizing color. Orange is the best color for it. It really does make sense and makes us want to eat it every time we see it. This may be one reason why Kwek Kwek is popular aside from its delicious and very cheap.

There are many benefits that we can get from Kwek Kwek. Kwek Kwek’s main ingredient is Egg which is rich source of all nutrients except Vitamin C. For instance, Vitamin A helps improved eyesight, Vitamin D for bone health (that’s why athletes eat eggs), and Vitamin E helps us fight against some heart and cancerous disease. It provides all the essential proteins required for growth and development. Egg helps fighting memory loss.

To be more entertaining, Filipinos added a spin or twist to Kwek Kwek. It has different kinds of sauce like the normal sweet sauce we usually see, the spicy sauce, and the vinegar sauce (or spicy vinegar). In some places, they put cucumber in the vinegar. It really gives a balance between the egg and the spiced vinegar and can really bring out the flavors. Filipinos also made Kwek Kwek in different colors. Sometimes, they also associate it with different foods and beverages and made fancy designs. . It will also be important to keep an open mind and be creative and innovative with your recipe for Kwek-Kwek.But there really is no strict recipe for Kwek Kwek and it’s very easy to make. It’s with the sauce where you really need a recipe but with other than that it’s really very simple.

Businesses today are rampant because of rapid population of people. Food is one of the basic needs of human, which is why Kwek Kwek business is increasing today because we Filipinos love this and we all know that it is a very cheap food. You only need a small capital for this business and you can sell it everywhere. Surely, it will be sold in children and even in adults. Strategy and creativity is needed for additional success in this field of business.

Kwek Kwek is a form of fast food and eases hunger. Filipinos really patronize this even it’s a street food. It charms people and completes their stomach. Thus, we Filipinos should be proud of that we have this kind of food.

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