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Topics: Education, Sociology, School Pages: 4 (1218 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Looking at Education from three theoretical perspectives.
If we do a survey there might be over 95% of people are interested to join school, get educated and study as far as they can. Education helps us foster the mentality in everyone that we have to be inclusive citizens. Most of the people make a good amount of income from schools, if we see the positive side it also create self-confidence for each individual. Let’s analyze the school from different prospective. Functionalist View of School:

A functionalist’s perspective on schooling and education is to have a harmony perspective: examine society in terms of how it is maintained for the common good. A functionalist will put an emphasis on positive aspects of schools such as socialization: the learning of skills and attitudes in school. Education helps maintain society by socializing young people into values of achievement, competition and equality of opportunity. Skills establishment is also important: school teaches the skills for the economy. Role allocation is all part of this: education allocates people to the most appropriate jobs for their talents, using examinations and qualifications. Parson views education as being part of a meritocracy. Education is a secondary agent of socialization, bridge between family and society. Parsons believes that education instills values of competition, equality and individualism. In a meritocracy everyone is given equality of opportunity. Achievements and rewards are based on effort and ability. The main functions of schooling education are to bind members of society together; this creates social unity and solidarity. In other words education is a key component of the social body, just like the heart is integral to the functioning of the human body, education is fundamental to the health of the social body. Conflict View of School:

If we look from the conflict point of view and consider a bigger picture it highlight inequality in schools, education system is doing a...
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