Business Plan

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Business Plan
University of Bedfordshire
Luton, Bedfordshire


I. Introduction

Pet are familiar with each family in UK. They become friend of them and support them in many things such as: help old people, protect children as well as home. Therefore, they have demand and need to be care like a human. There are many services and products are created to serve them. In UK pet market, customer can find many shops for pet for example: food shop for pet, accessories. With increasing pet trend, many kind of business about pet was born to make profit. This is the way to send message to people that they should treat to pet well. Our businesses still want to give lovely products to pet as well as their owners. I am a student and study Mac Project Management. I am very interested in and love pets. I want to make a business to design special for pet and their owner. I have a plan to open my own shop to sell accessories for both pets and their owner and develop it in UK. My business is state sole proprietorship, I open my shop by my capital and I am owner. I have a right and responsibility with this shop and any problems. All procedure to open my shop I have to need license from Local Authority in Luton. All documents have to have my signature. Firstly, I want to introduce my service and product in Luton where I am staying. In my observation, it has seldom pet shop in Luton; there are some places in the mall sell food products for pet but normally these shops have different products not only for pet. Customers when enter my shop, they can find products are exclusive for pet and their owners. We are specializing in accessories for pet and for people who love pet. My shop is named “Love Pet”; I sent my favorite with pet and also I expect my shop can bring up people express their love with pets and show for people how they are cute by well-designed product. After the first shop in Luton has a good performance and business operation is stable and can make profit, my shop will reach to other areas in UK. In the starting point, we need to have initial capital to invest to shop to equip materials, rent place and do activities for marketing, advertising….

II. Description about products

My idea is generating accessories shop that relevant to pet (logo, sticker, keychain, mugs, pen, fame etc. have lovely pet image). Many people love and care pet like their child, this idea derives from demand of the pet lovers. They also want to own pretty and small items which related to pets and holding it beside them. Lovely mementoes have the name or image of the pet help them to keep beautifully rendered moments of pets. Products will be divided into two lines are all kinds of souvenirs and jewelry for pet’s owners and pets adopted. Target customers are young people and all those who own a pet. Store will launch a website where customers can freely design samples and products according to their creation as well as hobbies. Customers can buy or order directly by coming to store and online. They take funny pictures of these pets and then place an order at the store to print up the cup or key chains sometimes including bracelets with the names of the pets. At stores, people can find rattles which used to identify pets help their owners can find them when they are lost. With souvenir that requires printing up, we will provide products such as mugs, dishes and bowls, keys, pen box... Moreover, shop can produce logos with different sharps for big campaign about protect pet or program about pet or logos that you can stick anywhere for example: fridge, wall, chest and car to decorate for your house and furniture. Children often like funny things which appropriate for the ages, the store can create the pet images like cartoon .From these products everyone will have nice looking about pets and we want to send a message to people that: we should protect and care well...
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