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As part of our curriculum as business students of the University of the East, Manila, we have to undergo the course: Entrepreneurial Venture 1 Business Planning. This course gave us the chance to formulate our own business plan that helps us apply our knowledge and gain skills in business. The exercise provided us the opportunity to think like young entrepreneurs, and prepared us for a business. Our company came up with an idea of manufacturing fruit pancake. Our product is not just an ordinary pancake but an improved one because of the fruit filling, particularly bananas. It does not only have good taste but more importantly, it also has nutritional benefits. The batter of pancakes contains milk, which provides protein and calcium while eggs also provide additional protein. Bananas regulate the bowel system; reduce the risk of heart diseases, blood pressure, depression and menstrual pains. It also helps ulcer patients. Bananas are not only rich in potassium but it is also rich in iron; therefore, eating a banana increases iron and thereby high hemoglobin. When hemoglobin content is increased, naturally anemic conditions decreases. More over bananas are high in potassium and magnesium and vitamins B6 and B12 that helps in reducing nicotine and increase brain power. This business plan covers the Marketing Aspect, Technical aspect, Management Aspect, Financial Aspect and Socio-economic Aspect. These aspects support this business plan through their particular field. The Marketing Aspect deals on the marketability of the product, and its acceptability to the consumers. It also includes the four P’s which are the product, place, promotion and price. The Technical Aspect centers on the production and helps to determine the capacity of the project.  The technical study will provide information in service activity and the raw materials to be used in providing activity to the product as well as their resources.  It is also determines the utilities and equipment to be acquired in showing the location and layout of the project. The Management Aspect gives guidance on the success of the business. It aids the company to achieve their goals and objectives. It also describes the management team and staff and how the skills of the team will contribute to the bottom line and how the business ownership is structured. The Financial Aspect focuses on the financial status of the business. It helps the company to determine their income and expenses. It also determines whether or not the business idea is viable. It also interprets the result of the business through the financial statements. Lastly, the Socio-economic Aspect focuses on the relevant effects of the business to the economy and what it can contribute for it.

Frutta Foccacia is engaged in selling pancakes. These pancakes are innovative ones because they contain bananas to make them healthy. They are combined with chocolate chips and together they form very good tasting healthy pancakes. The brand name of the product is “Choco-ban Funcake.” For the business to succeed, the company will implement different product strategies such as; advertising and promotional tools and will also consider the marketability of the product to its consumers.

Choco-ban Funcake has a limited number of competitors. Compared to the other snacks which are available in the market here in the Philippines, only few of the pancake food chains can be considered as major competitors and one of these is Pancake House. The team targets Choco-ban Funcake, not just an ordinary pancake that satisfies consumer’s appetite but a sure delicious snack which gives enjoyment and ultimately promotes the importance of nutritional value in terms of food products. Based on the survey that the company has conducted, it showed that this kind of business will be accepted by the market. The tally reflected that 100% out of 100 respondents (from...
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