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Topics: Balance sheet, Liability, Asset Pages: 11 (2507 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Suleiman Demirel University
Faculty of Economics
Department of Economics

‘ARSENAL’ Sport Bar

Prepared by: Akbota Bolatova
Subject: Management

Kaskelen, 2012

Executive Summary
“Arsenal” Sport Bar has established a successful presence in the food and beverage service industry. The location in Bostandyk region will attract majority of people that are aged 18 and more, also having bookmakers and bits within the bar we will attract their players. In period of World Cup, UEFA Champions League and other world league the sport bar will gather more profit. First year operations the sport bar will produce a net profit of $16 254. This will be generated from an investment of $46 122 in initial capital.

Business Description
I will start the city’s most entertaining sports bar which will called ‘ARSENAL’ with sitting for 150 people. It’s packed with latest technology so you can experience direct transmissions of sports programs from the monitors at each of the 40 tables. Also we will lease places for bookmakers and bets within the bar such as Leonbets, PartyBets or Gol+Pas.

I use a proven café concept from the U.S as a starting point and here the concept has existed for several years. The sport café will follow three areas of sale: 1. Beverages
2. Food
3. Sports merchandise
The ‘Arsenal’ Sport Bar strives to be the premier sports theme restaurant in the southern capital. Our goal is to be a step ahead of the competition. We want our customers to have more fun during their leisure time.

We provide more televosions with more sporting events than anywhere else in the region. We provide state-of-the-art table-top audio control at each table so the customer con listen to the selected program of his or her choice without interference from background noise. We combine menu selection, atmosphere, and service to create a sense of ’place’ in order to reach our goal of over-all value in an entertainment experience.

The Sport Bar will be located at the bottom of the ‘restaurant street’. This ‘restaurant street’ is in Bostandyk region, intersection of streets Timiriazev and Auezov. Building that we going to rent does not need repair works and in excellent conditions. We do not have any direct competitors, because our concept is different from other restaurants and cafes.

Industry Profile and Overview
Restaurant business on yield in Kazakhstan, according to business analysts one of the top "five" leaders. However, the quality of service and the turnover is noticeably inferior to Russia. Of course, geographic coverage and population of our countries have not the least important. But this is not the point. In Italy, for example, every other entrepreneur in addition to the core business has its own, albeit a small restaurant.

As for the quality of service we have, the main problem is the relatively low competition in this market. That is, to compare the level of service, by and large, there is nothing. In addition, our restaurateurs do not have enough creative approach to this type of business and patience. Since the capital invested in it pays off in the best case in two to three years. And often, restaurants, cafes, bars and canteens - a kind of appendages shopping centers large grocery stores or recreation areas.

The largest selection of restaurants, cafes, bars and bistros - in Almaty. According to the statistics of the number of restaurants in the last year compared to the year before last increased by five. As a result, their number amounted to 127 institutions. Cafes and bars has increased by 12 (total 125). But the canteens in comparison to 2005 was less than five - 78. (However, as explained to us in Almaty department of statistics, data are provided only for legal entities).

As a result, a single point of catering has 4.5 thousand residents, while in Moscow - 2000 people in Europe, -250, in Korea - 40....
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