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Applied Research Technologies, Inc



BUS518 – Project Management Leadership

Determine the leadership style that Peter Vyas exhibited as he considered the group’s proposal and provide examples of his behavior. Peter Vyas, a general manager of Applied Research Technologies (ART) in the Filtration Unit Division, was tasked to re-launch a mini water-oxidation product. With this opportunity, Peter had firsthand knowledge of the two failed attempts in the last three years to bring this task to fruition with ART’s marketing department. Peter recognized the task of re-launching a successful mini water-oxidation product was a major challenge, however he recognized that his team had worked countless hours to make this project a reality and he strongly believed that the team was now in the right direction for success. Having prior knowledge of the failed attempts and reviewing the lessons learn Peter Vyas’ had an advantage on which leadership style to display when considering the group’s proposal, with this information I believe Peter showed both a Consultative and Directive leadership style, the reason I believe both leadership styles are in resemblance, per the reference in the Project Leadership book, by James P. Lewis a Consultative there is a strong emphasis, Peter’s reference to Consultative is apparent when he recognized that his team had worked tirelessly to make the mini water-oxidation product a reality and he strongly believed in in his team and believed they were now headed in the right direction for success. His Directive Leadership behavior is apparent as per the Project Leadership text book, Directive Leadership is “the leader is focused on the task requirements. If his or her behavior is high, it means that a lot of emphasis is being placed on the task itself.” Supporting his team was one thing, however he knew if he supported the proposal he would be putting his reputation and the reputation and credibility of the entire unit...
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