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Introduction: The Business organization I’ve chosen to investigate is NHS in this assignment I will be explaining the business purposes, ownership, History and the type of business it is. NHS (National Health Service) is an organization that provides prompt help and service for those ill and sick patients. The NHS is a public limited company (plc) it uses the public funding to operate and provide a service to its clients it is controlled and owned by the government. P1: Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses.

NHS History



When a man named Aneurin Bevan opened a park Hospital in Manchester in 1948 July the 5th. It was the bringing up of hugely ambitious plans to bring a well healthcare system. In the conclusion doctors, nurses, pharmacists, opticians and dentists came together as one organization to provide the prompt and right service to render a free charge to unwell or ill patients.

As the organization was progressing from its first stage prescription charges were introduced and a pay rate of £1 for dental treatment was introduced on June the 1st 1952. The prescription charges were then demolished in 1965 and from that date it remained free until June 1968, until the charges were reintroduced.

On April 25, a man named James D Watson and a fellow contemporary Francis Crick two university students studying science came up with a chemical known as deoxyribonucleic acid in a nature magazine.

DNA was then discovered as the material that makes up genes, which then passes hereditary behavior and characteristics from a parent to a child. The two young sophisticated men began to write on the article.

The NHS was created out of a discussion that good healthcare should be established to all citizens, no matter their condition of wealth. When it was then grown in abundance by the minister of health, Aneurin Bevan it was occurred on three major principles:

That is to meet the need and services for every citizen.

To be free at all times.

The focus was to be on clinical purposes not ways of payment.

The three mentioned above major principles have leaded the development of the NHS over more than 60 years.

NHS Aims and Objectives


In these criteria I will be explaining the aims and objectives of NHS. Treating the sick and with no means of payment. This was a decision made briefly although it was an expensive organization some payments were then introduced such as eye care dental care and prescriptions. Objecting to the things they would do were making sure that the hospital was clean at all times, welcoming and caring, being well organized and giving the best treatment to their patients. Improving on patients health and safety and to increase the health, well being and the hygiene of the patient. NHS aim is to provide people with experienced advice, information and assurance to care for themselves whilst away from home or not in the mist of a medical treatment. Their health information and advice service, is available 24hours a day and 365days a year.

Older people are increasingly located in rural areas away from the centralized care, and in many cases family support. One in three of England’s population already lives with a long term condition. This is expected to increase 20% over the next 25years. Most of this popularity is between the ages 55- 60years. The population will remain ethnically and culturally the same. NHS will work with their commissioners to improve their understanding of how changes in size and make-up of the population will impact on the scale and range of demand for major health services, including urgent care, and develop and target their services to help meet changes....
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