Business Models and Systems

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  • Published : December 22, 2012
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Business Models and Systems

Covell Bellamy III


November 2, 2011
Kevin Milks

Business Models and Systems

Around here, the local business services that I and my family frequently use would happen to be the local Super Wal Mart. I do not often shop unless I have to, but when I do Super Wal Mart is the place I go. The three main business components discussion for Super Wal Mart are: Business as Commerce, Business as Occupation, and Business as an Organization which make up the business system (Jones, 2007). Wal Mart Business as Commerce

Business as Commerce is the process through which people produce and then trade, barter,

or exchange valuable goods and services to better fulfill their wants or needs (Jones, 2007).

The business as commerce for Wal Mart is that of trade; the exchange of products using money

(Jones, 2007). As Wal Mart expands they are engaged in not only the trade of goods, but also

services. Most Walmart stores have a variety of services provided, from a pharmacy, to a

photo studio, hair care salon, automotive service, fast food eating, eye center, to even tax return


Wal Mart Business as an Occupation Business as an Occupation is the acquired set of specialized skills and abilities that allows

people to create valuable goods and services offered (Jones, 2007). In Wal Mart’s case, a highly

set of efficient set of skills and abilities do exist. Wal Mart is set up to encourage efficiency and

mass purchasing power, which allows Wal mart to undercut its competitor’s pricing. Wal Mart

invests money in employee training, that further supports the skill set of the business for

efficient consumer shopping.

Wal Mart Business as an Organization Business as an Organization is the system of task and authority relationship which coordinates and controls the interactions...
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