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Topics: Creativity, Ferran Adrià, El Bulli Pages: 5 (1972 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Business Model of ElBulli
ANSWER 1: 1. List the main phases of the “value chain” at elBulli (from the identification of new recipes until the final service to customer)(use bullets, ≈ 200 words) As it defines in the definition; A value chain is a chain of activities for a firm operating in a specific industry. 1 This chain is consist of two main activity chains which are; support activities and primary activities. Primary activities includes ElBulli’s process of identification of new recipes to serving them to the customers. 1. Primary activities starts with inbound logistics; this process includes buying their ingredients and equipment for a restaurant. ElBulli team is very attentive to use top quality products for their dishes. 2. The next step is operation which has the mainly significance for a restaurant and ElBulli team members creates the difference at this step. They spent so many times to create new, unprecedented and delicious dishes. * In the early ages of restaurant they had a two month break with closing it, the team members use this time as an opportunity to work in French haute cusine in order to observe and train with best chefs there. * The creation period of new recipes sometimes get six months and sometimes more. * They cook the dishes with their properly granted technical knowledge and high gastronomic value. * They make the basis of volution of their dishes not only with it’s taste, but also with it’s touch, smell and sight all in a harmony with the taste. 3. The outbound logistics step include their way to serve to dishes to their customers. The plates contains small proportions in order to achieve harmony with recipes. Also at the serving step team members left the beaten path and they serve the dishes in a more attractive way. The final process of preparation is finishes in front of the diners in the dining room by the serving staff. 4. Market and sales is the last step of the value chain. In which ElBulli follow a planned way they started their marketing activity with publishing books. Also they have difference from other cooking books which is not a recipe book, focusing the philosophy and methods of new style cuisine. They published many books, this is the protection policy from the plagiarism of them and a way to achieve more people. Furthermore Ferran Adria published a DVD collection. ElBulli’s success all over the world brings many awards and accordingly, recognition all over the world. ANSWER 2: 2. Which elements of elBulli experience create value for customers? In order to do that, choose 3 or 4 words that describe the value proposition at elBulli and explain their meaning (≈ 400-500 words).

Ferran Adria and the team members of ElBulli have primarily aim of seeking new and unprecedented dishes and ways to serve customers. After long-term working on recipes ultimately they achieve their goal but they never stop. The point that makes them different and unique is they are always creating and changing their menus. The technique that they use is not stable so it is continuously unique. They create a value to their customers that they can’t try it for the next time. This brings them a insight of feeling special themselves. Creativity;

This word has a significant effect on ElBulli’s concept. We can say that they design their future with this word. Ferran Adria and his team define the driving forces of ElBulli with using creativity, surprise and innovation. With that mentality they spent many times to prepare new dishes for every season. They want to serve unique tastes to their customers. Customers eat dishes which aren’t prepare at that moment, prepare is based on a long period of time. Eating is an essential need of a human being, but some people give so much importance to it which are maybe called as niche market. These customers won’t be satisfied in a long term if they see the same dishes in a restaurant’s menu. They always want something more...
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