Business Model by Introducing Alipay

Topics: Marketing, Sales promotion, Electronic commerce Pages: 4 (1080 words) Published: May 30, 2013
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Executive Summary3
Analysis of Problem4
Low threshold for new entrants4
Sales Promotion of other companies4
Illustration of Solution4
Introducing Alipay as payment method4
Create an evaluation system5
Creating a cash-rebating system as new sales promotion strategy:5
Benefits and Cost Analysis5
Estimated benefits5
Increasing financial gains;5
Increasing credibility;6
Enlarging market share.6
Estimated expense6

Executive Summary
To solve the problem of a clear decrease of revenue in September, we proposed to update our business model by introducing Alipay as one of payment methods, creating an evaluation system, and introducing cash-rebating system to customers as new sales promotion strategy. It will help us to attract old customers and new customers.

*************************************************************************** Overview
With the rapid development of technology, the Internet has been an unprecedented impact on people's daily life. Shopping-online is no longer a privilege of the minority, but a fashion, or a way of life, to more and more people. However, ordering food online is a recent business on the Internet. This business develops quite fast, and more and more competitors are jostling into this field. Analysis of Problem

Since more and more competitors are growing both in size and number nowadays, a clear decline of 22% in the market share of our company can be seen. Due to this decline, our revenue of September decreases by 6,000 yuan, which is indeed a dangerous warning. Here are the possible reasons for this decline. Low threshold for new entrants

Our business has a low threshold for new entrants. Hence, other online meal-order companies can easily learn from our business mode, and put up the same menu on their websites at the same price. They even add other restaurants around other universities on their list....
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