Business Mgmt: Assignment 2 Strayer

Topics:, Jeff Bezos, Amazon Kindle Pages: 4 (1592 words) Published: September 11, 2012
Jeff Bezos: The E-commerce Pioneer
Strayer University
Management Concepts –BUS302
Dr. John Karrafa
August 27, 2012

Jeff Bezos is an e-commerce pioneer who started to sell books, and expanded into just about everything else. (Spiro, 2009) He set up the first office for what we know now as the largest online merchant of books and other products, in his garage with a few employees. Bezos founded in 1994 while making a cross-country drive from New York to Seattle, he was writing up his business plan along the way. He had recently made the decision to quit his lucrative job to launch In 1993, restless from his “suit and tie” position with hedge fund firm D. E. Shaw, Bezos saw the changes in the World Wide Web and yearned to be a part of it. He began to explore how he could be a part of this impending movement to the internet. He saw the advantages that the internet offered consumers with its ease of use and ability to manage huge amounts of data. Bezos brainstormed about all the products that he could offer of online. He narrowed down a list of over a dozen services and products down to three. His three chosen products were books, CDs, and software. He and his wife Mackenzie were avid readers. He chose books. Bezos chose Seattle as the home base for his new venture. His chosen location offered many perks. He was close to Ingram Book Group, the world’s largest book distributor. And he could also lure software developers from nearby Microsoft and other firms. Bezos had received financial contributions from family, friends and former colleagues totaling $1 million. Bezos primary concern, which would continue on to be the foundation of his style of leadership, was his consumers. He enlisted the aid of friend, family and colleagues to try out the service and give him feedback. He gave them Amazon credits for their help. Feedback would become the mile marker that set apart from any potential competitor’s....
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