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Topics: Management, Manufacturing, Venture capital Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: January 17, 2012
During the business meeting with Henning K, we went over a few things that need to be done to help the development of our new business venture. Since we were having problems contacting each other and finding the time for a meeting, we decided to do a meeting over the phone. These are the main aspects of our business that we discussed.

We need to hire a few key people that will help our E business grow. We have funding, we are incorporated, and we have a CPA. Those are major positions that we have already filled, but there are still some more positions available. We need to hire a liaison to communicate between us and the manufacturing plant in Mexico, which will be doing the manufacturing of the green insulation and then will send the order through their shipping department to contractors. This liaison will make sure that orders to their manufacturing plant are actually filled, in addition to keeping track of shipping or logistics to contractors, etc. Even though we have everything automated we still need to ensure that everything runs smoothly and customer orders are delivered on time. Our business is growing very rapidly and even now you are only working on this business part time. Even though we have been taking care of this by ourselves up to this point, soon we will find that we do not have the time to do this ourselves.

We also need to use the same lawyer that helped us incorporate on an as needed basis. We can either work out a deal with him at a slightly reduced rate from his usual hourly fees or we can create a list of services that we may require and have him give us a price. We may be able to forgo many fees up front by assuring him that we will renegotiate when we are more established.

The last thing we discussed was about ISO9000 and about how we go about complying with this standard. We need to hire a consultant who specializes in EU standards and has a track record involving this process. This will involve quality...
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