Business Maths Statistics Assignment 1

Topics: Gender, Mean, Standard deviation Pages: 4 (1214 words) Published: June 21, 2012
BMS11 Business Maths and Statistics


The pie charts show that a higher percentage of the male gender has tried the product in comparison to the female gender. Over 50% of both genders have tried the product. However, the fact that the percentage of males who tried the product is higher, suggests that gender does play a role in whether the people will try the product. Yet the role genders play is small, because the difference between the percentage of females who tried the product and males who tried the product is small at only 7%.

However, since the graphs do not compare the genders within the total sample surveyed and are only a percentage of each specific gender, more information is required to answer this question with more accuracy. Another pie graph could be made to show the percentage of males and percentage of females who tried the product, as a percentage of the total sample surveyed. This would give a clearer picture of the role that gender plays, in whether gender plays a part in determining if people will or won’t try the product.

Both genders have a higher mean than median. The income mean is slightly higher for the male gender than the female gender. The mean for males is 44,760 and for females it is 44,095. This is because more males were surveyed than females. The mean is a measure of central location for income in the data but although the income levels surveyed for both genders are the same, the male gender’s mean is higher due to the higher number of candidates surveyed. Therefore, a second measure is used to determine the income central location and this is the median. The median is 37,500 and is the same for both genders. This shows the true measure of central location and is not influenced by the number of candidates in the gender sample as the mean is.

The fact that the mean is higher for the male gender than the female gender tells us, that the...
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