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The Effectiveness of Electronic Office Management
in the Petroleum Company (Oilex).


Electronic Office Management is an automated system designed specially for the office tasks. According to Anderson, it is an administrative system based on computing, word processing and data transmission facilities. The idea of an electronic office was first put up in 1947 by Lyons, the British firm of tea shops which use the computers for office work.

Research Objective:

To measure the effectiveness of using electronic office system in the Petroleum company (Oilex) and how it helps to increase the productivities of it.

Literature Review:

Looking back through history it can be seen that every major advance in society can be recognized directly to a significant improvement in man's ability to communicate information. Here the point is that the data which related to the management is much be effectively where that managers can communicate the data useful within the organization and even out it by using technology.

Electronic Office was first mooted in 1947 by Lyons, the British firm of tea shops which considered the use of computers for office work. The firm's own computer system called Lyons Electronic Office (LEO1), became operational in 1951. Since then, the application of computers to office work has become a reality, resulting in a number of benefits to the users. These benefits include: (1) Easier and quicker access to information;

(2) Substantial saving on staff, overheads, etc.;
(3) Speed of obtaining, processing, storing and retrieving information aids decision-making; (4) Improved communication between individual executives and their offices; (5) Improved productivity in processing documents, reports and letters. (F.P. Abifarin – 1993)

Electronic Office Management is a face of records management which has changed forever. For many organizations this has meant the loss of the traditional records manager, even the whole records section, as we knew it. The key to successful electronic records-keeping lies in understanding the nature of records and the purpose of records-keeping in organizations and society’. (Margaret Pember --- 1998)

Electronic Office Management is in brief “So Littlie time so much to do”, If we can learn to monitor and work more effectively in parternship with others, we can help make a success of EOM within the public services. (Niall Sinclair – 2002)

Electronic Office Management is a useful of implementing a shared electronic system for managing particular types of records (mail) across several offices within a central department and the critical success factors. The system is slowly but surely be adding in, bringing office improvements in mail and file management, more efficient handling of business, as well as better service to those seeking information in the data system. (Olivier Loussouarn – November 2005.)

Electronic Office Management is a true to say that with each advance in technology -the next advance takes much less time to happen. It is also characteristic of each technological breakthrough that, after an initial phase at very high cost, the price of using the new invention falls rapidly. This has been dramatically demonstrated by the fall in electronic data processing costs over the past ten years and this has been one of the main reasons why office automation systems have become much more cost effective. (Mr. A. S. Robinson --- 2007)

Research Philosophy, Approach and strategy:

Researcher followed descriptive research in order to investigate this research and the methods of research utilized in descriptive research are survey methods of all kinds, including comparative and correlation methods. The philosophy that the researcher found in this study is that the hybrid philosophy which include “phenomenological and realism philosophy, because that this study is...
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