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Topics: Marketing, Tourism, Marketing plan Pages: 6 (1511 words) Published: May 1, 2013
【Department】: International College - Tourism
【Class】: Sophomore 48201
【Course type】: Required course
【Course title】: Tourism Marketing 99458
【Credits】: 3 credits for spring semester
【Course info.】: Friday 9:10 to 12:10 / Classroom CC505
【Instructor】: Dr. Hsuan Hsuan Chang
Office: P316 / Q518
Telephone: 03-3507001 ext 3581 / 3441
Cellar Phone: 0966056149
Office Hours: Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday
Work in Taipei: Monday / Thrusday

Course Goals
This course- Tourism Marketing is designed to provide each student with an understanding of the concepts and systems underlying marketing processes in tourism and equips you with the necessary practical and analytical skills to work in the tourism sector or other areas of business and also a good knowledge of how marketing strategies play a role in these industries. After taking this course, you will be able to:

1. Become familiar with the marketing management issues and challenges faced by tourism enterprises as well 2. as Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) at the National and Regional levels. 3. 2. Demonstrate an understanding of tourism product/service marketing concepts, issues and models. 4. Examine both domestic and international travel markets and how secondary data can be strategically used to plan for tourism marketing. 5. Understand the rationale for government involvement in tourism marketing at the regional and national levels. 6. Apply theoretical concepts to practical solutions by developing a tourism marketing plan for a product/service or destination. Apply the very latest thinking in tourism and marketing, integrating theory with practice. 7. Design, plan and implement effective tourism marketing strategies and utilise tourism information for marketing decision-making at strategic and operational levels

Course Subjects

The subjects for this course include:
1. The definition of tourism marketing. How tourism marketing concepts related to travelers’ experience, The evolution of marketing concepts due to the size of demand and supply market, The concepts of marketing mix, 2. Strategic marketing framework. To start with environment analysis including sociocultural, technology, economic, ecological, political analysis… and then continue to conduct its portfolio analysis and SWOT analysis. 3. Tourist Markets. About tourism consumer behavior, how much consumer get involved into tourism information, how they conduct decision marketing for tourism products… 4. Marketing Research. Explain the research process and introduce qualitative and quantitative research methods 5. Tourism service marketing mix. Elements for people and process 6. Product. Product life cycle, types of tourism products and services, new product development, how to make tourism products look better – packaging, branding and positioning… 7. Price and pricing. The importance of price in marketing mix, different pricing strategy towards different of types and the power between supply and demand relationship, prices as a promotional tool,…. 8. Marketing communications. The communication process can help delivering the message successfully. How to talk to the public?? How to deal with media? 9. The promotion. Different types of promotion strategies- advertising, brochures, sales promotion, personal selling.. Comparison between different strategies in terms of its strength and weakness.. How to do sales management for different business products 10. Customer relationship management (CRM). The characteristics of a service industry, the importance of customer relationship, how to increase customer loyalty 11. Distribution. Place / Selling channels, What are the members for tourism distribution channels, the new types of selling channels in Electronic ear. 12. Destination Marketing. What is DMO (Destination Marketing Organization? Different types of destination and attractions. How do a...
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