Business Management Personal Statement Sample

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  • Published : November 27, 2012
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I have interest in studying business management. I appreciate the programme content and structure because of its flexibility that I can specialize in certain concentration areas such as Accountancy and Finance. Also, the policy of student-oriented teaching is a distinguishing characteristic which can provide students like me more opportunities to enhance their presentation and writing skills. Most importantly, I can gain a thorough grounding in the essential skills of business analysis and decision making. First, I am a competent and industrious student. Academically, I attained a satisfactory grade point average which was 4.0 in my college. Simultaneously, I acquired my first professional qualification of securities through self-study. As a result, my college recognized my outstanding academic results by giving me Scholarship. Also, I was on the director list in 2008. Besides, I strongly concern our community. During the summer of 2008, I participated voluntary teaching and provided community service to a distant area called He Yuan in Guangdong province. I also joined a local charity to provide community service such as organizing a trip for the minority in Hong Kong. Such experience has strengthened my problem-solving and interpersonal skills to tackle the challenges. Also, I have greatly advanced in my analytical skills through joining mentorship programme. For example, I learnt basic research skills from my mentor from CASH Financial Group. As mentioned above, I am now an all-rounded student who wants to advance knowledge not just to deal with business problems, but also to tackle other economic problems in society at large. For personal development, I always try my best to continue lifelong learning and contribute to society as a global citizen. I heartily believe that chances are always ready for well-prepared candidates.

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