Business Management Monica Ashley

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  • Published : March 26, 2010
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Implementing Strategic Change: Monica Ashley’s Experience

“The Monica Ashley Case” illustrates a very conclusive example of how the correct use of power and influence in management is as important as, and sometimes even more important than, having all the right answers and being able to back them up with data. Power struggle, influence, politics, and resistance are all issues within this case study. It also prozides an example that witin project management it is essential to determine the key players, figure out what is important to them and utilize strategic management skills to influence the project. Monica Ashley, a highly driven and ambitious woman was the project manager of “Project Hippocrates” at HEAL-INC. She had individual power to use the company’s resources and people to accomplish job related tasks and duties. She initially had concerns about taking on the position however, with the personal encouragement and backing by the president of the company, Gary Dorr, she accepted.

As the project manager, Monica had access and control over information such as reporting and data supporting the idea of purchasing a digital signal processor from an outside vendor. She also had information about the changes of customer needs and the competitor’s reactions to the changes. Therefore, her colleagues needed to depend on her to solve some of the problems they faced. This gave Monica information power.     Although Monica had information power there were several types of power she was missing. Monica lacked reward power and coercive power. She couldn’t give monetary bonuses, promotions or any other form of rewards to colleagues who had done well in the project. More importantly, Monica didn’t have the power to punish anyone who hurt team morale and obstructed the progress of the project by engaging in organizational politics, such as Ralph Parker and Ed Kane. Monica had several years experience in important staff positions, which helped her in...
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