Business Management Essay

Topics: Management, Richard Branson, Virgin Group Pages: 6 (1536 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Date : 14 February, 2013

Business Management:
Individual Essay

Name: Hiu Man Lai (Yuki)
Class : T1
Tutor: Raja Khan
Word Count : 1318


Definition of Management:
According to Joss (2001),a set of rules or strategies are used to control and direct by an organization effectively and efficiency, manpower is involved to work together in an organization to achieve a common mission continuously. Different skills are required and performed by a manager, such as leadership skills, organizational skills, etc. Particular person, in an organization, should shoulder the responsibility and produce results is called manager. Managers require specific experience and qualification, to make any important decisions and lead their teams to accomplish a goal. Management are classified into four levels, they are top managers, middle managers, first-line managers and non-managerial employees respectively. (Oxford, 2009; Joss,2001)

Functions of management:
There is a cycle of four functions of management before achieving the stated mission, they are planning, organizing, leading as well as controlling.

Planning is one of the functions that preparing and evaluating what and how they can improve to do even better. They can plan for the desired achievement or integrate their current structure. Organizing is a way to utilize resources and guide the manpower in a specific way, since investment and employees are very crucial for successful organizations. Leading is the best way to influence and coordinate the workers, as the managers ‘'motivate'' their ‘' left-right hands''. Motivation means the managers inspire and persuade them to do their best in a happy way. Controlling is the final step amongst four functions. The managers monitor the current productivity and correct the mistakes or ways they perform. (Tripathi and Reddy, 2008)


According to Mintzberg (1990), the managers are grouped into ten roles by three main categories. They are Interpersonal roles, Information roles and decisional roles.

Analyzing a manager – Richard Branson:
When I reviewed the functions, roles and skills, there is no denying I admire a manager - Richard Branson a lot, who is the founder and director of Virgin Group. He is approximately 63 years old now, he experienced nearly 47 years in different categories of business. They are record stores, air travel, soft drinks, radio, clothing, holidays, etc. The reason he could own business in different sectors, because he performs different managerial skills and roles, mainly use interpersonal skills and conceptual skills. (Branson,2007)

Although Richard Branson did not have any huge plans at the beginning, he performed the function of planning to define the missions for his business, especially his airline. He wants to make his airline growth with revenue, to drive the passengers to their destinations and the employees are satisfied to stay and work for the companies. (Virgin Atlantic, 2013)

For the interpersonal skills, he has very good relationship with his own employees. ‘'To be a good leader you have to be a great listener.'' said by Richard Branson. No doubt, he doesn't only require employees to treat the customers well, but also openly listen to the employees' ideas, in order to correct the existence problems and bombing new ideas for future integration. He creates new business by communicating with workers. Even though Branson has more than 200 cabin crew, he still spends time with them, listen to their requests. Because he thinks it would be the best way leading them to work in a delighted environment is a business, solving the obstacles would not be the only situation. (Branson,2012)

For the conceptual skills, he has unique business sense of sustaining and integrating his business. For instant, before he established Virgin Atlantic, he was doing the business of Virgin Music successfully. A lawyer persuaded...
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