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Impact of Information Technology on Human Resources Research Proposal

Labels: Banking Research Proposals, Change Management Research Proposals, Human Resource Research Proposals, Marketing Research Proposals, Strategic Management Research Proposals |[pic][pic][pic][pic][pic]Introduction | |A fundamental change is happening in companies' competition due to the changes in the global business environment, management | |thinking and experience and information technology. | |In the new global method of competition, collaboration exists as a new established niche of competitiveness. In a traditional | |thought, collaboration pertains to office workers interacting effectively together to achieve a common objective and goal of the| |company. Here, the exchange of knowledge among individuals allows them to communicate and chare complex ideas and to form a | |collaborative work performance in crating value. Yet, competitiveness remains central to profitability, growth and business | |success. It is true that in many emerging markets and collaboration scheme competitors do not exist. | |Technology has become the driver of change that is taking place in the banking sector. Technology-based tools greatly support | |the most innovative concepts currently being implemented in the market. The efficiency at which service levels are improved | |hinges on the appropriate use of the available technologies. | |In this study, I would like to analyze and evaluate the weight of the impact of technology or information technology to human | |resource management and manpower in particular. The development of human resource and the information are in friction. In this | |case, it is relevant to take a glimpse on the impact of technological innovation to the formation and development of human | |resource. | |Background of the Study | |The emergence of information technology sets another trend in the economy of production and the profitability scheme of business| |firms and corporations. The advantage sets by information technology primarily seen in the cyberspace in the likes of | |e-businesses and other forms or business marketing in the marketspace becomes the new rule in maintaining one's business | |organization and to gain competitive advantage and sustainable growth. | |Competitive advantage is a fundamental requirement for an organization if it is to survive in the long term. The reality is that| |few organizations achieve competitive advantage and even fewer sustain their advantages. Porter identifies three generic | |strategies for competitive advantage: low cost, differentiation, and sustainability. | |Information technology has been perceived as being a means to provide more efficient processes that would lead to lower cost | |products and services. Yet, the only barrier preventing all organizations from acquiring the same technology is the cost of | |acquisition. | |Tapscott argued, "IT networks accelerated the development of global commerce and lowered transaction costs, enabling the global | |unbundling of the firm" (2005)....
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