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Amazon.Com is one the biggest online retailers, Amazon has shown in recent years its intention to broaden its core competency. Amazon has become a more diverse online retailer by adding, computing, and storage services to its product base.

Amazon is one of the most popular online retailers for individuals all over the world to use when purchasing products. Amazon.Com started its business in 1994 by founder Jeff Bezos since then Amazon has become one of the largest online retailer with annual sales net over $10billion dollars (Rainer Jr, &Turban, 2009).

Amazon has learned how to accommodate their customers and their business needs. Even though Amazon moved away from the company original plan, Amazon has evolved. The company mission and vision is to be earth’s most e-centric company for their customers; and build a place where customers can go and find or discover whatever they want to purchase online (Amazon, 2010). Amazon also recognizes the rapid growth through partnerships with other companies and firms. The company pays its web-site partners a commission on items that have been purchase. Connecting with Amazon.Com, will help earn revenue for the site and accommodate the customers’ needs (Business, 2007). Amazon is steadily looking to improve the online experience by keeping the customers needs in in mind. By using Amazon it create on stop shopping were is using Google or Microsoft a customer has to go in and out of different web-sites not knowing if the sites are reputable. Amazon.Com has many competitors they are the leading online retailer in this competition. Amazon has stayed with the company core value and provides good work ethics that keeps the company growing. Amazon is in competition with Google by trying to gain a in the transaction processing service for online shopping. Due to the economic issues the value of advertising was driven down, and the model was no longer of value. Not being able to advertise an ad the loss...
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