Business Level Strategy

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  • Published : March 16, 2011
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Foreign exchange operation of Agrani Bank Limited.
How the business level strategy pursued by Agrani bank is working over bank’s human resources, products and services and helping the Bank to achieve organizational objectives.

Statement of the problem
Agrani Bank is a nationalized commercial Bank established by the Bangladesh Bank’s(Nationalizatiom) order 1972 ( taking over the entire assets and liabilities of the left over parts of Habib Bank Ltd.) and is fully owned by the government of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh. The Bank had 866 branches as on 31 December 2006(no overseas branch). The Bank also has two wholly owned subsidiary Companies named Agrani Exchange House (Pvt) Ltd. in Singapore and Agrani Remittance House SDN, BHD, Malaysia. The business level strategy followed by this bank is cost leadership strategy. The market of this bank is broad i.e. hole Bangladesh is their market and almost every type of people is their customer. Bank is now giving advances to their customers on big amount as well as very little amount. They are giving agricultural and rural advances which are started from 5000 tk. to more. In 2006, the bank implemented 54 programmes among 3097759 borrowers, totally tk. 25.21 billion and the range of those loans was 5000 tk to 50000 tk. beside small sized loan bank is pursuing Industrial loans, syndicated loan with other banks which are very huge in volume. And the customers of those loans are big businessmen. So as there is no special emphasis on any particular segment of market we can easily recognize that the bank is pursuing cost leadership strategy. In addition to this we can say as there are very little differences between the four nationalized banks in Bangladesh so we can say from the point of view of uniqueness the bank is not unique from others, so they are not performing differentiation strategy.

Performance traits or impact of business level strategy
-Agrani Bank has been playing a crucial role in...
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