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  • Published : February 4, 2010
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Nike World Headquarters
1 Bowerman Drive
Beaver, OR 97005

Carmina Villegas
14 August 2009

To whom it may concern:

A few weeks ago I went over to Westfield Plaza Bonita and purchased brand new black NIKE basketball shoes from Finish Line. The shoes were kept in the box after the purchase for one week, and after the first use, they began to tear apart. The first time I used them was in a basketball game. After that, I was devastated about the results of the shoes because I did not expect them to become ruined after just one use. I would like a full refund because my shoes did not last as long as they should.

All I ask for is a refund for my purchase because the shoes I bought have been ruined only after the first use. For one week the shoes were in the box, and when I used it for my first basketball game, they began to tear apart. The soles of the shoes were becoming worn out, and the sides of each shoe were beginning to rip. I chose NIKE over all the other brands considering they are the top selling brand in the world. I was astonished at what had happened because I spent my whole summer vacation saving my allowance for these new pair of shoes.

The best solution is to return my money. I do not appreciate how my brand new shoes disintegrated within a few weeks of their purchase. Overall, the shoes did not satisfy me because of the low quality they had, I only had them for about two weeks and I only used them once.


Carmina Villegas
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