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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Kelowna, British Columbia
Phone No

October 27, 2011

Customer service
Apple Canada
7495 Birchmount Road

Markham, ONTARIO
L3R 5G2


Dear Customer service,

Service complaint on replacing a product.

I am writing this letter to you for the unpleasant service, which I have received. I had recently purchased a brand new I-PHONE4 16GB from the source store located in Kelowna and it happened to be the defected one and I had to go a long way to get the I-phone exchanged.

I had bought a new IPhone4 and the very second day I had to contact the Apple customer service to replace the phone, as it was the defected one. I was very disappointed but had no choice. The place from where I had taken the phone could not give me a new one, as it was against the Apple policy. There was no apple-authorized store in Kelowna and the nearest one was in Vancouver. So the customer service told me to ship the IPhone to Toronto. The whole process almost took two weeks before I got my phone back. As I had taken the phone on contract and before even using the phone I received my monthly bill from the Virgin mobile and I had to pay them without actually using their services.

I wish to continue using apple products if its services get better. To resolve this problem from happening in the future I would recommend the apple company to build the Apple authorized store here in Kelowna to increase their profit in the long run. As I am a University of British Columbia Okanagan student and I see almost around 4000 students using one or the other apple products here in the campus and increasing. Everyone here in Kelowna prefers to use Apple products over the others so I see a huge potential market for apple products.

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