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Business Leadership Series
Entrepreneurship comes from the French verb 'entreprendre'. An entrepreneur means a person who organizes a business venture and assumes the risk for it. To be a successful entrepreneur he or she must have certain skills such as good management & communication skills, innovative & creative, ability to work under pressure, self-motivated and many more. This writing is about success and entrepreneur skills of Jeff Lee Wee Leong, MD of Panasonic Malaysia. He was born in Raub which is a small town in Malaysia. His schooling days were in late 70’s and graduated in 1979. Here are three things which I learned from his speech.

According to him a person needs to identify what you want to be in your future. Talented and not fully utilized means wasting the skill, therefor you need to find your skill gifted by nature and be the best in what you do. Success can be gained by knowing yourself. You must have a positive mind and use your mental intelligence rather than sticking with your ego. For example if you are good at playing basketball or footballs, try to improve your skills and you should work hard to reach the top of your career. Furthermore you should decide whether you will be working on government sector or starting your own business. Working on government sector means you will be guaranteed with a good pay and you will be safe in an economic slump.

When starting a business it’s important to avoid getting in to sunset industries. You should identify or make a research about the changes in trends and what will be most profitable in the future as a result you can avoid getting into wrong business and ending up bankrupted. Either you are working as an employee or running your own business you should give commitment to improve. You should not stop by your defeats. You must look at defeat as an opportunity for success. Successful entrepreneurs do not believe that something...
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