Business Leader

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Business Leader
Grantham University
Professor Jones

The leader I chose to write about is Jeff Bezos the founder and CEO of Amazon com. Jeff Bezos was born on 1964 in Albuquerque New Mexico. He was a first in his class graduate from high school with a four point grade. His early love for computers would lead him to Princeton University with a degree in electrical engineering. Jeff became the youngest senior vice president at the investment firm D.E. Shaw. His development to become a leader is based on using the internet to sell books online. Jeff Bezos noticed how the internet percentage increased in just one year at an astounding rate. With a three hundred thousand dollar loan from his parents Jeff Bezos quit his job at D.E. Shaw and moved to Seattle. While many people were skeptical of his idea of selling books on the internet he believed it had potential. This led to him opening out of his two bedroom garage. With only a few employees the new business was up and running on July of 1995. Amazon sold books across the United States and in forty five foreign countries within thirty days. After two months, sales reached 20,000 dollars a week which was more than what Bezos and his start-up team had expected. By 1997 Amazon went public while brick and mortar retailers launched their own sites. Now Amazon had competition but they were able to keep pace and stay ahead of everyone else. In 1998 the company added CDs, toys, clothes and later electronics to their lineup. By the end of 1999 amazon grew 90%. In 2007 he released a handheld electronic tablet called the Kindle. The purpose of this tablet is so that users can download, read and store there books. Jeff Bezos had his sights set on space travel. The same year he released the Kindle he announced his investment in Blue Origins which is a Seattle- based aerospace company. This aerospace company is developing technologies which could one day offer space travel to paying customers in the near...
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