Business Law Week 2 Patriot Act

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  • Published : January 12, 2013
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Britt Garrison
Business Law
Week 2

People charged with violations of the Patriot Act that involve internet users have had their Fourth Amendment rights violated by secret searches which is the government’s ability to search private property without notice to the owner and by trap and trace searches which collects addressing information about the origin and destination of communications not just the content. By the government using the secret searches they are able to find information that is not always available on the internet or outside of your computer or your home.

Another form of evidence found under the Patriot Act is the surveillance from web sites they visit, emails that are sent, and things that they say or post on the internet as well, this is without notice, as well as all the other ways the government is aloud to search any records or places you visit without a warrant and without notice to you at all, they gag order everything in order to provide secrecy.

I believe the reasons why Congress passed this law was in order to protect our country is a few reasons. Due to the September 11th attack on America the Bush Administration basically bullied Congress to approve the law that they had previously rejected. The Bush Administration basically threatened members that if they voted against the bill that they would personally be blamed if there were any more attacks on America. This brought forth the way in which the bill was passed, members barely had time in which to read the bill in order to make a logical vote.
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