Business Law 531 Adr Paper

Topics: Alternative dispute resolution, Mediation, Dispute resolution Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: February 2, 2011
University of Phoenix

Business Law 531

Alternative Dispute Resolution Assignment

Professor Jack Tandy

December 19, 2010


This agreement is entered into by and in between ________________________ and ______________________, who are both currently students at the University of Phoenix.

Whereas both parties have agreed to enter the Alternative Dispute Resolution process, the process of Non-binding mediation will be administered by a neutral third party.

As such, the parties agree to the following principles:

1. The ADR proceeding will be scheduled by the neutral third party by arranging a mutually agreeable time in order to discuss individually by phone the details of the disagreement among the parties. 2. The role of the Mediator will be that of a neutral third party, who will have no long-term interest in the consequences or outcome of the dispute. His or her role will be that of a facilitator and advisor in the settlement negotiations. The Mediator may comment on issues and express his or her opinion regarding the relative strength or weakness of the parties’ positions. 3. After learning of the disputed issues from each party, the Mediator will prepare a list of disputed issues. If the parties cannot agree about the proper wording of these issues, then both parties’ issues will be presented individually to the Mediator during the ADR process. 4. The parties will exchange requested documents and supporting information at a mutually agreeable time and place. The exchange of information shall conclude at a mutually agreeable time, or a maximum of two weeks after the formal beginning of the resolution process. 5. All exhibits or supporting information of each party’s position will be provided in a three ring binder format. 6. Each participant will supply the Mediator with a list of expected participants or...
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