Business Law

Topics: Contract, False Claims Act, Qui tam Pages: 5 (1480 words) Published: February 10, 2013
1. What doctrine was overturned in the case of Brown v. Board of Education? The permissibility of separate but equal facilities
2. The United States Constitution is often referred to as a document b/c it is so adaptable. Living
3. The statues enacted by the legislative branches of the federal and state governments are organized by topic into code books. This is often called deified law. False
4. Sate limited-jurisdiction trail courts, which are commonly referred to as superior trial courts, hear matters of a specialized or limited nature. False
5. All tax-paying American citizens have a Constitutional right to begin a lawsuit in the federal court system rather than a state court system if they so choose. False
6. Intermediate appellate courts are also called _____ courts. Appellate
7. A reply brief is a report issued in direct response to questions posed by the prior to the appeal. False
8. Jurors are sequestered in all superior court cases
9. A rebuttal is called to counter the opposing attorney’s use of a rejoinder. False
10. Willful copyright infringement can be punished with a statutory damage award of up to 150,000
11. The Uniform Trade secrets Act has been adopted by all fifty states. False
12. Joe has a small company that makes a line of boots called “Mountain Hikers” that have become very popular. Can Joe obtain a trademark for “Mountain Hikers? Yes, if the words have acquired a secondary meaning in connection with the boots 13. Some that follows the principle: “Get rich or die trying” is adhering to the categorical imperative False

14. Following the theory of utilitarianism, if an action would increase the good of twenty-five people by one unit each and an alternative action would increase the good of one person. False
15. A qui tam lawsuit brought under the federal False Claims Act permits private parties to sue companies for fraud on behalf of the government True
16. Examples of acquiring ownership in personal property Include capture, accession, and confusion. True
17. Julie owns a mare named Echo. Echo gives birth to a colt. Pursuant to succession, Julie owns the newborn colt. False
18. An insurance agent is an independent contractor who represents a number of insurance companies. False
19. Jean’s grandmother, “Mom, “ lives in an assisted-living facility, but she has not sold her home of many years. Jean is Moms’ favorite granddaughter, especially since Jean visits Moms frequently, even though Jean lives several hundred miles away. As a favor to Moms when visiting her, Jean checks on Moms’ vacant house. Jean decides to move to the town where Moms lived. Jean gets copies of the keys made, and moves into Moms’ house without Moms’ knowledge or permission. Jean treats the house as her own, even bringing her German Shepherd to live with her. The neighbors erroneously assume that Moms knows Jean is living there. Moms’ is very appreciate of what she thinks are Jean’s long trips to visit her, not knowing that Jean is living in her house. Although Moms likes Jean very much, she absolutely would not want Jean living in her house. Jean lives in Moms’ house for several years, and her goal is to acquire the house by adverse possession. In these circumstances: Jean can acquire the home by adverse possession if she continues to meet the adverse possession requirements for the required period of time. 20. A warranty deed will protect a grantee regarding a mortgage from one hundred years ago. True

21. An “easement in gross” occurs where the servient and dominant estates are adjacent False
22. In a pro hac vice divorce, the parties do not have to hire lawyers to represent them; instead, they may represent themselves. False
23. “Ademption” means that if a specific bequest is not owned by the testator at the testator’s death, then the named beneficiary receives nothing in connection with that bequest. True
24. A document signed...
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